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Aki Namioka @ CPSR

Aki Namioka @ CPSR
Aki & CPSR
  • Joined CPSR/Seattle in 1989
  • Volunteered for PDC'90, hosted by CPSR/Seattle
  • Ran against Erik Nilsson to win the CPSR Northwest Regional Director position in 1992
  • Co-edited "Participatory Design: Principles and Practices" with Doug Schuler in 1993
  • Conference chair of the 1993 Annual Meeting "Envisioning the Future: A National Forum on the National Information Infrastructure and Community Access"
  • Founding member of Seattle Community Network, which started as a project of CPSR/Seattle in 1994
  • CPSR President 1996-1998: Launched "One Planet One Net" campaign
Aki's other interests
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Why did you join CPSR?

I want to be part of the solution. I think CPSR is working to guide society in the proper creation and use of technology.