CPSR REPORT OF CHAPTER ANNUAL Report 2002 CHAPTER CPSR/Japan Board Liaison Shinji R. Yamane Chapter Officer information: Shinji R. Yamane (Chair) Kazuo Fujimoto (Secretary) Joichi Ito (Treasurer) _____________________________________________________ BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE CHAPTER HAS DONE SINCE LAST REPORTING: In June 15th, CPSR members in Japan held a initial meeting at Tokyo to fill CPSR Japan Chapter Petition Form. First CPSR/Japan annual meeting with a press conference was held on August 23, 2002. From June to August, CPSR/Japan member has warned the public about the risks of Basic Resident Registers Network(Juki-net) as the national ID system and were engaged in the lobbying and the campaign against the start of Basic Resident Registers Network. In September, Joichi Ito, one of the initial officer of CPSR/Japan, was installed in a member of Basic Resident Registers Network Investigation Committee run by Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications. He also wrote a book on the problem on Basic Resident Registers Network with a journalist Yoshiko Sakurai and lawyer Tsutomu Shimizu. In November, CPSR/Japan member Nobuo Sakiyama got the results of Information Disclosure Law(Japanese FOIA) requests on the technical document of the email intercepting devices which belong to the Japan's National Police Agency. He scanned and published it on the web site. In October and November, the interview to Shinji Yamane, Chair of CPSR/Japan, was appeared in Mainichi Shimbun Newsletter. _____________________________________________________ BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE CHAPTER MIGHT DO IN THE FUTURE: Our main concern in 2002 includes National ID, online censorship, and Internet wiretapping. They are still our major topics in future. In 2003, Basic Resident Registers Network by Japanese government will also run with the smart card. Our technical analysis requires further research. In January 2003, Asian Regional Conference for WSIS(World Summit on the Information Society) will be held in Japan (http://www.wsis-japan.jp/). Two members from CPSR/Japan will attend to the meeting. This is our new challenge. Next annual meeting will be held in summer 2003. _____________________________________________________ I certify that the current balance in the Chapter account (if applicable) is: We don't have the bank account and balance. _____________________________________________________ -- Shinji R. Yamane Chair, CPSR/Japan