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Rick Ruiz

R. P. Ruiz
President, VaultletSoft Inc.
Your bytes are your business, our business is keeping it that way.
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Rick Ruiz is the founder and President of VaultletSoft Inc., a software startup that aims "To make it safer for human rights activists and other NGOs to work and speak truth under adverse conditions".  For VaultletSoft's other users and business clients, VaultletSoft exists "To make it easy to protect and control their valuable information."  As is evidenced by these parallel statements, Rick believes that speaking the listener's language is an effective way of getting your message across.

He was formerly a Technology Fellow at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a Visiting Lecturer in the Spanish Department at Georgetown University, and a Senior Software Engineer at the US Agency for International Development.  Besides holding an M.A. in Foreign Languages, he also holds numerous programming certifications and has taught Internet programming workshops at the Central Banks of Armenia and Georgia, in addition to mentoring a number of junior level software developers.

He is also a self-described "second generation bilingual Latino and perpetual auto didactic who particularly enjoys solving interesting problems including, but not limited to: computer security, cryptography, and privacy policy both at home and abroad." (quoted from blog)

Statement of interest/perspective for CPSR and issues facing the organization

After a brief perusal of the CPSR website, it appears that this organization, with its distinguished 25 year history, is at a crossroads.  While I have no knowledge of the details of CPSR's internal dialog on possible directions and priorities, as a technology entrepreneur I am quite aware of the importance of creating goals that can be attained through sustainable levels of activity and ongoing maintenance of  appropriate feedback processes for all stake holders.

I have a demonstrated ability to decompose large problems into smaller, more manageable, ones.  I also have the capacity and discipline to follow through consistently and patiently with a sustainable level of effort towards solving these problems. One such example is my work on the design, implementation, translation, testing, and support of the VaultletSuite.  Further, the same lessons that I learned at EPIC, teaching at Georgetown, working at USAID and in soliciting and acting upon VaultletSuite user feedback could also be applied to communications between CPSR's BoD, Board of Advisors and CPSR's members, along with the press and public we seek to educate.

It would be an honor to be considered and serve as a member of CPSR's Board of Directors.

VaultletSoft's website can be found at,
and Rick's blog can be viewed at:

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