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In depth Who is the biggest e-waste polluter?

Created on December 09, 2004.

The Computer TakeBack Campaign is hosting an online poll. Vote now at the link provided.

In depth Resources on Computers and the Environment

Created on October 04, 2004.

Database of documents and links organized by the strategic area of action for the Working Group: hardware recycling, environmental impact, green design, and responsible IT practices.

In depth Working Group Strategies and Interests

Created on October 04, 2004.

Target issues for the Work Group as well as the four strategic areas of action: recycling, green design, environmental impact, and responsible IT practices.

In depth Computers and the Environment Working Group

Created on October 04, 2004.

The mission of the CPSR Working Group on Computing and the Environment is to promote awareness and action concerning the relationship between computing and our natural environment. The group promotes communication as well as action around this issue. Please join our WG!


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Why did you join CPSR?

To support campaigns that raise awareness of technological uses and abuses that have significant societal effects.