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CPSR interests fall under the broad areas of Civil Society and the Internet, The Computer Profession, Freedom of Speech, Internet Governance, Access to the Internet, Privacy, and Intellectual Property. This is the current list of program areas for CPSR. As our dependence on and understanding of computers change, our list changes, too.

 Title   Size   Modified   State 
Folder Community Networks   2004-10-08 22:18:07 published
Folder Computers and the Environment   2004-12-06 13:36:27 published
Folder Free/Libre Software   2004-09-29 19:43:01 published
Folder Intellectual Property   2004-09-29 19:43:02 published
Folder Internet Governance   2004-09-29 19:42:58 published
Folder Participatory Design   2004-09-29 19:43:00 published
Folder Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing Symposium   2007-12-07 21:21:59 published
Folder Privacy and Civil Liberties   2005-10-24 10:06:52 visible
Folder Technology and Ethics   2005-05-05 19:49:24 published
Folder Voting Technology   2004-09-29 19:42:59 published
Folder Weapons and Peace   2005-05-04 22:14:49 published
Folder Women in Computing   2005-02-23 11:34:47 published
Folder Computer Work & the Workplace   2005-05-06 19:37:11 published
Folder Broadband   2005-05-04 22:14:50 published
Folder Global Information Society   2005-05-02 12:16:32 published
Folder Links of Interest   2006-06-09 11:44:40 published