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Workshop on Global Governance of ICT: Public Interest Considerations - December 9, 2003

Presented by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility on the occasion of the World Summit on the Information Society, in Geneva, Switzerland -- Organized by William J. Drake,

The global governance of information and communications technology (ICT) is undergoing a profound transformation. Long-standing multilateral regulatory regimes for international telecommunications, radio frequency spectrum, and satellites have been reconfigured to facilitate private markets, while new international frameworks have been erected to promote trade in services and intellectual property, and to govern Internet infrastructure, communications and commerce. But there has not been a systematic and participatory global dialogue about the procedural and substantive aspects of ICT global governance that gives sustained attention to public interest considerations. To help fill the gap, this event will bring together experts from civil society and other sectors to carefully consider both the current global policy architecture and realistic, balanced alternatives.


13:30-13:55 Introduction and Overview
Welcoming Remarks
William J. McIver, Jr.
The State University of New York at Albany and CPSR; USA

Overview of the Issues
William J. Drake
The Project on the Information Revolution and Global Governance, The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, and CPSR; Switzerland

13:55-15:15 Panel I: Selected Cases of ICT Global Governance
Madan Rao and CPSR; India

Telecommunications and Radio Spectrum: the ITU
Donald MacLean
The Canadian Institute of International Affairs; Canada

Trade in E-Goods and Services: the WTO
Elisabeth Tuerk
The Center for International Environmental Law; Switzerland

Intellectual Property: WIPO & WTO
Sisule Frederick Musungu
The South Centre; Switzerland

Internet Identifiers: ICANN
Hans Klein
Georgia Institute of Technology and CPSR; USA

Global Electronic Commerce: UNCITRAL, OECD, and "Self-Governance" Arrangements
Jamie Love
The Consumer Project on Technology sand the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue; USA

Information & Network Security
Gus Hosein
The London School of Economics and Privacy International; United Kingdom

15:15-16:20 Panel II: Horizontal Issues and Ways Forward
Katitza Rodriguez
Privaterra and CPSR; Peru

Participation of Developing and Transitional Countries
Alison Gillwald
The Learning Information Networking and Knowledge (LINK) Centre, University of the Witwatersrand; South Africa

Participation of Civil Society Organizations
Sean O'Siochru
Nexus Research and the CRIS Campaign; Ireland

Transparency and Accountability
Rik Panganiban
World Federalist Movement; USA

CSO Alliance Strategies Going Forward: WSIS and Beyond
Sally Burch
Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion; Ecuador

16:20-16:30 Conclusions
Anriette Esterhuysen
Association for Progressive Communications; South Africa


Public Meeting of the WSIS Civil Society ICT Global Governance Caucus

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