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Reactions to the WGIG Report

By Robert Guerra -- August 2005
08/22/05 -- I spent part of the weekend reading through the numerous written contributions that have been sent in response to the WGIG report.

Numerous comments have been posted to the Internet Governance Caucus list over the past few days comments related to the US position, and the xxx domain name issue. The US is an important actor, that's for sure. But there are others too... What do people think of the comments being put forward by Rwanda, Israel, Egypt and of course - Canada ?

Though i'm only 3/4 of the way through the texts, three things strike me.

1. Only a small # of the contributions are by governments. No doubt there will be more at the Prepcom itself.

2. Certain governments, are quite insistent that the Prepcom not lose it's focus; that it keep on the specific mandate and agenda given to it by the first phase, as well as UN General Assembly resolution 56/183. Though there are many issues that could be discussed, the mandate from the general assembly (GA) is specific - WSIS should be about "promoting and foster the potential of ICTs for development."

3. The IG caucus contribution stands up well. Best of all, it is in a format that will make it easier for those on Subcommittee A to review and borrow from.

Time permitting, I'll try to develop a table that compares all the different positions. Would anyone be interested in helping me with this?

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