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Internet Governance

Internet governance encompasses a wide range of issues and organizations relating to the governing, financing and control of the Internet and its protocols. CPSR has been involved in Internet Governance issues for years, including current participation in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


News Items up for Discussion at PrepCom3

Created on September 06, 2005.

By Robert Guerra -- 08/29/05 -- What's up for discussion at the upcoming WSIS preparatory meeting in Geneva (aka. PrepCom3)?

News Negotiations and Decision Making at the UN

Created on September 06, 2005.

The current discussion on the WSIS plenary list prompted me to look for a NGLS publication that Ramin gave me at PrepCom 2 (Geneva phase).

News Reactions to the WGIG Report

Created on September 06, 2005.

By Robert Guerra -- 08/22/05 -- I spent part of the weekend reading through the numerous written contributions that have been sent in response to the WGIG report.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

CPSR has long been involved in trying to involve Internet users in the policy decisions of this important body.

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From CPSR's Rich History in Internet Governance

From CPSR's Rich History in Internet Governance "One Planet, One 'Net: "

Created on May 09, 2005.

CPSR 1998 Campaign on Internet Governance. At that stage of the Internet's development we felt that defining the public interest in Internet governance and giving it a strong voice in the forums deciding governance issues was absolutely critical.

From CPSR's Rich History in Internet Governance National Information Infrastructure (Internet)

Created on October 17, 2004.

In 1993 CPSR saw great promise in the National Information Infrastructure (NII), later to be known as the Internet. CPSR believed that the benefits of the NII should not be framed solely in economic or functional terms. The nation's communications infrastructure should reflect the values of democracy. Ultimately, the success of the NII will be measured by whether it empowers citizens, protects individual rights, and strengthens the democratic institutions on which this country was founded.

From CPSR's Rich History in Internet Governance Civil Society Democracy Project

Created on March 04, 2005.

Cyber Federalist Newsletter:The User Voice in Internet Governance. Most recent issue published in October, 2002.

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