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Quality Value(s) and Choice: Exploring Deeper Outcomes for HCI Products

Workshop call for papers. This CHI 2005 workshop is evolving from issues raised at a previous panel on "Values in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction)" (Note: Event not directly sponsored by CPSR)

At CHI 2005,  Portland, Oregon

Ann Light (Usability News)
Peter J Wild (University of Bath)
Andy Dearden (Sheffield Hallam University)
Michael Muller (IBM Research)

The Topic:
This workshop grows out of issues raised at the HCI2004 panel
on "Values in HCI".  In that panel, a tension was raised between
dispassionately providing support to the design of products and
services, regardless of the intended use, and the social
responsibility of the scientist. Consequently, both personal
values and the value that good analysis can bring to design were
discussed. The technical challenges of HCI are great. However,
it is a reasonable assertion that many members of the HCI
community feel a need to do good for the world.  But what kind
of "good", and in whose definition of "the world"?  We feel that
this implicit motivation has receivedtoo little explicit attention with
HCI.  This workshop will give centre stage to values: both the
values that motivate the direction of our work and the value that we
seek to deliver.

Contact: mullerm(a)

This event was announced to CPSR members in the January issue of the Compiler newsletter.

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