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Election Transparency Project

U.S. members of CPSR may be interested in participating in the Election Transparency Project that has been organized by and which is described on that organization's home page ( as follows:

When you register for the Election Transparency Project, you’ll be participating in the first phase of a multi-year, nationwide program of targeted election observation. Our goal is to uncover and document election problems, and make recommendations for improving future elections.

Verified Voting will provide Election Transparency volunteers with guidelines and questionnaires for observing and reporting on various parts of the electoral process – you choose which portions interest you most.  Once you’ve collected the information, we’ll provide you with an online web-based form where you can easily add your observations and notes to those gathered by other observers all over the country.

Verified Voting will make publish the Election Transparency data after removing all sensitive/personal information. We will analyze the data and make appropriate recommendations to improve the transparency and accuracy of future elections.

For more information on the importance of transparency, read "Making Democracy Transparent", written by Stanford computer science professor Dr. David Dill, who is also Verified Voting's founder.

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