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Other Groups that joined Amicus Brief in California Voting Rights cases

Amicus Common Cause is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, citizens' organization whose mission is to ensure open, accountable, and effective government at the federal, state, and local levels.  Among Common Cause's goals are to promote fair and honest elections and to strengthen public participation and public faith in institutions of self-government.  Common Cause has more than 250,000 members and supporters nationwide, with active members and volunteers in every state, including thousands in California.  Common Cause's members are directly and adversely affected by voting systems that are insecure and unreliable.

Amicus California Voter Foundation ("CVF") is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public-interest organization headquartered in Davis, California that is dedicated to advancing the responsible use of technology to improve democracy.  CVF has over ten years of experience working on issues where democracy and technology intersect, such as online voter education, Internet disclosure of money in politics, and electronic voting technology.  CVF's president and board members have served on three task forces relating to democracy and technology topics under the leadership of two different California Secretaries of State:  the Electronic Filing Task Force (1995); the Internet Voting Task Force (1999); and the Ad Hoc Touch Screen Task Force (2003).  CVF's web site, <>, provides nonpartisan voter education resources to California voters each election. 

Amicus People For The American Way Foundation ("People For") is a nonpartisan citizens' organization established to promote and protect civil and constitutional rights, including the fundamental right to vote.  Founded in 1980 by a group of religious, civic, and educational leaders devoted to our nation's heritage of tolerance, pluralism, and liberty, People For has over 600,000 members and other supporters nationwide.  People For is actively working with organizations across the country on the nonpartisan Election Protection Program, which is aimed at protecting the fundamental right to vote and have that vote be counted.  One of People For's primary missions is to promote the integrity and legitimacy of the electoral process and, to that end, it believes that electronic voting machines have the potential to provide accurate, secure, and accessible voting.  In light of the problems in California and elsewhere with respect to such technology, however, it believes that true auditability must be demanded in order to prevent irreparable harm to California voters.

Amicus America's Families United is a nonprofit organization working to increase civic participation within underrepresented and low-income communities throughout the United States.  Its Voter Protection Project is a nonpartisan initiative directed at insuring that all America's voters have the opportunity to vote and that every vote cast is counted.

Amicus Center for Constitutional Rights ("“CCR") is a non-profit legal and educational organization founded in 1966 and based in New York City.  CCR is dedicated to the advancement and protection of voting rights and other rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  CCR has long been active in protecting the right to vote and has litigated voting rights cases in Mississippi, Thornton v. City of Greenville, Browder v. Westbrook and In re Malone; in Tennessee, Muhammad v. City of Memphis and Cousins v. Hamilton County; and New York, Goosby v. Town Board of Hempstead and France v. Pataki.

Amicus Voters Unite! is a nonpartisan national grassroots network working for fair and accurate elections. Voters Unite!'s Internet website is at <>.

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