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Links related to the U.S. versus Iraq War


"Tracing the roots of America's war in Iraq" by Gail Russell Chaddock
"Shock & Awe: Is Baghdad the Next Hiroshima?" by Ira Chernus
Context of the War on Terror:"No Surprises" by Chris Hables Gray
"War, Peace, and Complex Systems" by Chris Hables Gray
Rumsfeld and the Pentagon "Offense and Defense" by Seymour Hersh

"War on the Web" by Jim McClellan
Brown University's Watson Center Project on Infowar and Infopeace articles on embedded journalists
Media Literacy and the Iraq War
"Akamai Cancels a Contract for Arabic Network's Site" by Warren St. John

"In the Pipeline: More Regime Change" by Hooman Peimani

Tomahawk missiles "Power Tool" by Oliver Burkeman
"Software Bug May Cause Patriot Missile Errors" by Paul Roberts
Second Patriot missle failure

"The Bright Side of War" by John MacArthur
"US to be First to Reap Sad Fruits of the Aggression" Interview with Russian commentator Valentin Zorin
"Iraqi resistance 'restores Arab honour'" by Martin Asser

Other Organizations Democracy in Action
Physicians for Social Responsibility: Iraq Resource Page
SNOW - Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War
Rethinking Schools - Teaching About the War.

Other Discussions
Slashdot's "Ethical Dilemmas Related to Technology"

Missile Defense System

Electronic Iraq
Atlanta Peace Activism
Iraq body count

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