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Why Join CPSR ?

CPSR members have almost unlimited opportunities to get involved and make change happen. Unlike many socially-conscious organizations, the work of CPSR is largely financed by membership dues, and our accomplishments result from the active involvement of members around the world, supported by only minimal CPSR staff.

CPSR's program is developed by, and depends on, the interests of members. Members meet and work mostly virtually, but also locally through Chapters. Members organize events; write articles, factsheets, web pages, journals, and books; develop projects and use CPSR to host them; speak at conferences and legislative meetings; speak to the press; and educate others about the continual need to consider the impact of technology of their world.

Who Can Join CPSR: CPSR welcomes everyone who uses, or is concerned about the role of, information technology in society.

Benefits of All Memberships:

  • Access to a global network of people and discussion and working groups
  • Monthly online newsletter, The CPSR Compiler includes opportunities, suggested readings, and reporting on CPSR activities
  • Special access opportunities to worldwide events and forums
  • Special invitations and discounts to attend CPSR conferences
  • Healthcare Coverage Available via CPSR

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USA Chapters -

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Why did you join CPSR?

... As an IT professional I want to show my support and interest in areas where IT can better society at large and the that [sic] we as technology professionals have a responsibility to properly promote technology especially in areas neglected.