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Content: Keywords

This document describes how to manage keywords for content. These are the keywords used for meta data and include the keywords in the dropdown menu as well as the properties interface of the content.
Keywords are an important part of content. You can use them in the display of content in the different Issues folders (using the dropdown menu of keywords). These are also the keywords that search engines use to locate content.

The keyword dropdown menu

In the blue bar above content you will see a button that says "keywords:none". If your content should be displayed in one of the CPSR Issues folders, you can use this button.  The dropdown keyword interface is a shortcut tool that developed to aid in providing content for the Issues folder.

Click on the button and select the issue your content should belong to. If there is more than one relevant issue, click one, then another. Each time you assign a keyword, the page will reload as it is stored (wait for the page to complete the reload).

More options for keywords

The complete keyword interface (and where you will need to go to de-select keywords) is available through the "properties" tab (next to 'edit' in the tabs in the horizontal bar).

Here you will see the keywords area:
  • In the box on the left are all the keywords used in the site (note: if a keyword is not used on the site, it will disappear from the list). The box on the right is used to add new keywords (just type it in and, when you save, the keyword will be added to the list and assigned to this piece of content).
  • All of the issues keywords are handled by a filter, which selects keywords of the type: "Issues: _____". So you will probably see one or more of the Issue items selected.
  • Deselecting is dependent on your browser. A possible way is to press the Ctrl button while you click on the keyword with your mouse.
  • Once you have completed, scroll to the bottom and click "Save".

What to do if you select a keyword and do not want it

If you accidentally selected a keyword and do not want it to be used with your content, or need to change a keyword, you can de-select that keyword.

If you used the keyword dropdown (from the main edit or view screen, with the menu of keywords in the green bar), you should click on that (displays the list of keywords for issues). You will see that the keyword you selected is displayed in bold. To de-select a keyword, simply click on it again.  This will reload the page, with the change saved. If you de-select all keywords, the list will display the "keywords: none".

If you used the properties tab to select the keywords, go to the properties view again. You will see the list of keywords, with the selected keywords highlighted. In order to de-select keywords, hold down the control key, and click on the keywords you want to de-select. You will see that the keyword loses its highlighting when you click on it while holding the control key. Once you have finished, press "save".

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