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Adding Content: How do I make news show up?

News items in the CPSR site will be automatically displayed in the News folder (Recent News) and on the Home page. This howto describes how you can make your news show up in those places.
You can add a "news item" anywhere in the CPSR site. If you have news to share, first decide where you want it to be stored. Some popular areas for storing news are: the subfolders of the News folder (Press Releases, CPSR in the News), an Issue folder (if your news has to do with a particular issue), or in your personal folder. Once you successfully publish your news to the area you chose, it will be automatically displayed on the Home page and in the News main page (these areas both display the most recent news items from anywhere in the site until they are replaced by more recent items).

In order to share your news, you should do the following:
  1. Find the place you want to store the news item. As mentioned above, chose a place to store your news item (note: the news can be displayed on the Home and News pages from anywhere in the site). Navigate to that area of the site.
  2. Add a news item. Find the button labeled "add new item" in the blue horizontal bar above the main content area and below the navigation tabs.  Click on "add new item" and select the "news item" from the drop down list. (Note: you must be logged in!  Note2: The Home page and News pages currently only display "news items", so be sure to pick this content type.)
  3. Fill in the fields for your news item. Once you finish with all the fields, press "save" (near the bottom of the page):
    • Short name will be used as part of the URL
    • Title will be the "headline" or name that people navigating the site see
    • Description is the summary or intro to the article. This is displayed with the headline and also in search results.
    • Body text: enter the article text here. You can use the green buttons of the visual (wysiwig) editor to format the text.
  4. If you have not completed editing your news, you can save it and come back to it later. When you save, your news is stored as "private", and is not visible on the public site. 
  5. Publishing your news.  When you have finished editing your news item, you will need to submit it for publication on the site. While viewing the news content you created, find the blue horizontal bar over the content and click on the button that says "state: private". You will see a drop-down menu. If available, choose "submit". If not, choose "visible". Then when the page finishes reloading, chose "submit". 
  6. A Site Manager will review your content and will publish it if it is approved.  Once published, the news will show up on the Home page and in the News folder until it is replaced by more recent items.

Created by cjohnson
Last modified July 29, 2005 12:25 PM

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