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Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning >> Notice of Extended Deadline – April 30th <<

July 16-21, Rutgers University --- CSCL Workshop Announcement --- Note: Please register or express interest before April 30th—workshops with insufficient registration will be cancelled.

>> Notice of Extended Deadline - April 30th <<

--- CSCL-2007 Workshop Announcement ---

At the 2007 Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, July 16-21, Rutgers University

Technology Supporting Cognitive Skills for Ethics in Collaboration and Communication

Note: Please register or express interest before April 30th—workshops with insufficient  registration will be cancelled.

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The workshop will explore how technology can support ethical and moral skills and sensibilities in the context of collaborative work, knowledge building, decision making, and conflict resolution.  The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in diverse areas that overlap on this theme to pool knowledge and brainstorm about research directions.

An important step in knowledge building or collaborative work is establishing mutual understanding, recognition, and regard among participants.  Doing so in a deep way is a considerable challenge in
many situations, and involves a set of skills and habits that have ethical import.  These skills include: the metacognitive, self-reflective, and epistemological skills of examining one's own biases, limitations, emotional state, goals, etc.; cognitive empathy (or "mutual perspective taking");  "dialectical intelligence" (in considering uncertain or conflicting ideas); and the social and meta-dialogical skills of systematically reflecting on the quality of a communicative or collaborative interaction and searching for ways to improve it.

There are exciting potentials in online collaborative tools designed to support these and related communication and collaboration skills in the context of day-to-day work.  Prompts, templates, and other scaffolding devices can be embedded into discussion forums, email, decision support and workflow software, and other online tools.  Many threads of research are applicable to the overall theme of "collaborative technologies supporting cognitive skills for ethics," but there have been almost no venues for bringing these interdisciplinary threads together.
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