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The CPSR Compiler -September 2004

Turning Thoughts to Actions


  • CPSR ANNUAL CONFERENCE -Washington, DC-October 16-17
  • CPSR-PITSBURGH -The Battle for Accountability in Election Systems
  • CPSR-PALO ALTO - Larry Lessig presents "The Comedy of the Commons"


At its August teleconference, the Board of Directors elected William J. Drake to serve as our new President for the duration of his current term on the board (2003-2006). Bill was pressed into service unopposed to replace Nathaniel Borenstein, who resigned in May due to pressing personal circumstances. CPSR's Vice President Stuart Shapiro had been handling the presidency functions on an interim basis since Borenstein's resignation.

Bill Drake is currently a Senior Associate at the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) in Geneva, Switzerland In addition, he is co-editor of the MIT Press book series, The Information Revolution and Global Politics; a Research Associate of the Institute for Tele-Information at Columbia University; a member of the Social Science Research Council Network on IT Governance and Civil Society; and a member of the editorial boards of the journals Telecommunications Policy and Info. Previously, he has been a: Visiting Senior Fellow, the Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland, College Park; Senior Associate and founding Director of the Project on the Information Revolution and World Politics, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; founding Associate Director, the Communication, Culture and Technology Program, Georgetown University; Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of California, San Diego; and an adjunct professor at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, and at the School of Business, Georgetown University. In addition, he has been an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow; a Ford Fellow and a MacArthur Fellow at the Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; and an Albert Gallatin Fellow at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva.

Bill's area of expertise is information and communication technology (ICT) policy, with particular emphasis on the role of international institutions and governance in the global information economy. His current research, supported by the Open Society Institute, is on the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in ICT global governance, and he has been an active participant over the past year and half in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process and the WSIS civil society Internet Governance Caucus. Bill also has worked on such issues as the information revolution's impact on US foreign policy and world politics, the global digital divide, and the role of CSOs in US communications policy. He received his PhD in Political Science from Columbia University. Some of his publications on these issues are accessible from the CPSR site at,

Bill says his priorities for the next two years include, among others:

  • Strengthening CPSR's financial position and organizational infrastructure;
  • Growing the membership and encouraging member activism and engagement in CPSR affairs;
  • Encouraging commitment and burden sharing on the part of board members;
  • Establishing clear and consistent managerial policies, inter alia including on project and travel funding;
  • Launching new initiatives such as a member-driven Publications program and discussion spaces on the pending new web site;
  • Reinvigorating chapters and working groups;
  • Expanding collaborative relationships with other public interest organizations;
  • Organizing the 2004 annual conference and meeting; and
  • Raising CPSR's profile in government, business, civil society, and press circles.

CPSR's ability to achieve these and other objectives will be very much dependent on the active participation of its members. There will be an open discussion of the challenges and prospects at the annual meeting in Washington D.C. on October 17.


At its August teleconference, the Board of Directors also reelected three officers who have served in key organizational roles. Stuart Shapiro will continue to serve as Vice-President, a position established upon the abolition of the Director post. Stuart will be working closely with Bill Drake and the rest of the board on organizational management issues in particular. Herb Kanner will continue to serve as Secretary. Finally, John Dwyer will continue to serve as Treasurer. Updated biographies of board members will be available at


CPSR will hold its annual conference and members' meeting in Washington D.C. on October 16-17, 2004. The events will take place on the campus of Georgetown University, and are hosted by Georgetown's Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) Program This will be the second time that CPSR and CCT will be collaborating in this manner. In 1996, CCT hosted CPSR's annual conference and meeting,

It will be a very important weekend for CPSR. We will debut our new website, seek to promote our collaborative relationships with other public interest groups, and hold open and hopefully highly interactive discussions with the membership about the current status and future prospects of the organization. Members are strongly encouraged to attend and share their views on both the public policy issues to be addressed in the Saturday conference and the internal CPSR challenges and opportunities to be discussed at the Sunday meeting. In addition, the Board of Directors will hold its annual meeting, and will consult with an informal advisory group of public interest advocates to get their views on how we are doing and how we can do better.

Description and Program for the Saturday, October 16th Annual Conference:

With the presidential election rapidly approaching, people are taking stock of what the Bush Administration has or has not achieved during its time in office. But with much of the public debate focusing on national security and the economy, the administration's record in other critically important policy arenas often receives less thorough consideration. One such arena is information and communication technology (ICT) policy and the governance of the information society. What has the administration achieved with its policies on telecommunications, radio frequency spectrum, mass media, the Internet, electronic commerce, privacy protection, spam and consumer protection, and media convergence? What about its policies on the application of ICT in fields like privacy protection and homeland security, electoral voting, and the work place? What has it done with respect to global policy challenges like Internet governance, international trade, intellectual property, and the developing countries? The time is ripe to take stock of the record in these arenas, and to consider the extent to which the Bush Administration's policies have promoted the public interest. Have they helped to foster technological innovation and a dynamic information economy? Have they increased citizens' ability to access and use ICT and related services? Have they contributed to a vibrant and open public sphere of ideas, strengthened our democracy, protected our civil liberties, and promoted our values abroad?

This conference will take up these and related questions. Experts from academia, civil society organizations, and the private sector will analyze the administration's performance on a variety of ICT issues and each give a "grade" on the merits. Later in the conference, these grades will be aggregated and averaged in a "Report Card"---a big picture overview of and cumulative final grade on current US policy. The conference will conclude with an open discussion on how to advance a public interest agenda that is suited to the current technological and policy environment, and on the roles that CPSR and other progressive advocacy organizations can play in such an effort. The conference sessions will be interactive and offer ample opportunity for audience members to weigh in with their views.

CPSR's annual conference is hosted on the Georgetown University campus by the Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) Program This is the second time that CCT has hosted CPSR's annual conference at Georgetown; the 1996 conference, Communications Unleashed: What's at Stake? Who Benefits? How to Get Involved, examined the ICT policies then being pursued at by the Clinton Administration.

That CPSR has critically analyzed the policies of successive administrations, both Democrat and Republican, underscores that this event is not a partisan political undertaking. CPSR takes no position on electoral campaigns and does not support particular candidates. The focus of the discussion will be on policy, not politics.

Please pre-register via

(Program as of Sept. 15)

9:00 - 9:15am
Linda Garcia, Director, CCT Program, Georgetown University
William Drake, President, CPSR
9:15 - 10:30am
Session 1: Telecommunications, Internet, and Mass Media
Kathleen Wallman, CCT Program, Georgetown University (Telecommunications)
Michael Calabrese, New America Foundation (Spectrum management)
Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy (Internet, broadband)
Andrew Schwartzman, Media Access Project (Mass Media)
10:30 - 10:45am
Coffee Break
10:45 - 12:00pm
Session 2. Electronic Commerce and Information Policy
Elliot E. Maxwell (Electronic Commerce)
Jim Dempsey, Center for Democracy and Technology (Spam)
Gigi Sohn, Public Knowledge (Intellectual Property)
Anthony Rutkowski, Verisign (IP-enabled services, convergence)
12:00 - 1:30pm
Lunch (on your own in GU cafeteria or local restaurants)
1:30 - 2:45pm
Session 3. Civil Liberties, Democracy, and Work
Marcia Hofmann, Electronic Privacy Information Center (Privacy, Surveillance)
Lillie Coney, Electronic Privacy Information Center (voting technology)
Nancy Brigham, CPSR (labor, outsourcing)
2:45 - 3:00pm
Coffee Break
3:00 - 4:15pm
Session 4. Global Policy
William Drake, CPSR (WSIS, Internet governance)
Manon Ress, Consumer Project on Technology (WIPO, UNICTRAL, Hague Conference)
J.P. Singh, CCT Program, Georgetown University (WTO, digital trade)
Ernest Wilson IIIrd, U. Maryland (Developing countries)
4:15 - 4:30pm
Coffee Break
4:30 - 5:00pm
Session 5. The Report Card
5:00 - 5:30pm
Session 6. Building a New Public Interest Agenda

Please pre-register via


On Saturday October 16, following the annual conference, starting at 6 p.m. in Washington D.C., CPSR will host a reception to honor Barry Steinhardt, the 2004 recipient of the Norbert Wiener Award. Barry has been a prominent advocate for privacy and other civil liberties in the face of technologically-oriented threats. In addition to testifying before the U.S. Congress, he has addressed audiences ranging from the National Conference of State Legislatures to the UNESCO Conference on Intellectual Property. As the latter suggests, his activism has not been confined to the U.S. He was a co-founder of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign-the world's first international coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) concerned with the privacy and free speech rights of Internet users-and a member of the US delegation to the G-8 Government and Private Sector Tokyo Conference on Cyber Crime. His advocacy also extends to the media. His essays have appeared in such diverse publications as USA Today, CIO magazine, and the journal of the Davos World Economic Forum and he has appeared on a variety of news and talk shows on major television networks.


Please pre-register via


9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Free and open to the public.

Please pre-register via

Discussion Topics to Include, inter alia:

  • Introduction of board members
  • New Web Site, Publications
  • The State of CPSR
  • Reports from the CPSR Office
  • Ford Foundation Grant and CPSR Financial Conditions
  • Promoting Member Engagement
  • Working Groups and Chapters
  • Coalition Building with Other Public Interest Groups
  • New Programmatic Initiatives

Hotel rooms can be booked individually at the Marriott Courtyard Rosslyn, 1533 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA (+1-800-321-2211). CPSR has a handful of rooms reserved to save about $20/night.

Members are welcome to contribute to the planning process. Volunteers for many aspects of the events are needed. Please contact Susan Evoy - evoy(a) - if you are interested in a room at the Marriott, or helping with the weekend.

Watch for updates


The first iteration of the new CPSR web site will be launching on or before October 1st. We hope to receive feedback from CPSR members about what you think of the new web site so we can make it even better in the second iteration. The current site data will still be accessible from the new web site. We ask that you be patient with us during this exciting transition over the next few months.

*Important Notes*

For those of you who have CPSR email accounts, those will still exist at and for now, you can access your existing data there; however, we will only be providing forwarding accounts with the new site. Due to costs and maintenance needs, there will be a very limited number of live email accounts provided to active staff, project leaders and board members who provide ample reason why they need the space.

And for those who administer mailing lists on the current server, the lists in use will be moved. Those that have been dormant will be eliminated.


In July, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) meeting in New York granted CPSR accreditation as an affiliated nongovernmental organization. Bill Drake will serve as CPSR's lead representative in Geneva and Vienna, while Robert Guerra will serve as lead representative in New York City. Other interested members are invited to participate in UN activities held under the ECOSOC umbrella that are relevant to CPSR's mission. For more information on the rights and obligations of ECOSOC accredited NGOs and related matters, see


See for an overview of the web-based software application designed to help identify and respond to situations preventing voters from voting or from having their votes recorded as intended. More than 60 member organizations are now part of an Election Protection Coalition See

CPSR has unique access to hundreds of socially responsible technology professionals, who can help. Weeks ago we invited CPSR members to sign up for TechWatch via Thank you to all of you who responded. If you have not heard back on the project yet, we apologize. It is taking us some time to handle the overwhelming response to this volunteer opportunity.

In the meantime . . .

We have a particularly urgent need right now for people who can devote substantial amounts of time (approximately half-time) between now and November 2 in order to help organize and manage volunteer teams responsible for carrying out different parts of the EIRS Project. Opportunities include:

  • Data Team
    • Election Regulations Curator:
    • Database Programmers:
    • State/region/type data coordinators
    • Coordinators for databases on electronic equipment and election officials.
    • Data Researchers
  • Programming Team
    • PHP coders:
    • Database Coders
    • JavaScript Coders
    • HTML/CSS Coders:
  • Testing and Release Team
    • Release Manager
    • Usability Testing
    • Testers
    • Owner of Bugzilla
    • Regression Test Developer
    • Load Testing Engineer
  • User Interface Team
    • UI Designer/prototyper
    • User feedback coordinator
  • Forms Team
    • Forms Designers
    • PHPSurveyor Coordinator
  • Writing and Public Relations Team
    • Training Material Developer
    • Newsletter Editor
    • Media Relations Coordinator
  • Hardware & Security Team
    • Hardware Coordinator
    • Security Coordinator
    • Security Engineer
  • Management Team
    • Project Managers
    • Product Manager
    • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Software Infrastructure Team
    • Webmaster & HTML Guru
    • Mail List Administrator
    • Bugzilla Owner
    • Wiki Owner
    • Advokit Owner
    • MySQL Owner
    • PHP Owner
    • PHPSurveyor Owner
    • PHPAdmin Owner
    • CVS Owner
    • dotProject Owner
  • Pre-Election Interviewing and Testing Teams
  • State Election Officials Interviewer Team
  • Local Election Officials Interviewer Team:
  • Election Equipment Testing Observer Team
  • Election Week Teams
  • TechWatch Observer Teams

We're also hiring for a Webmaster and Development Director.

For a full list and description of positions, see If once you've looked over the possibilities, you see one or more that look like a good fit for you, please sign up at and click on "Volunteer Now!" Please note your affiliation with CPSR.

Please pass this information along to other organizations you think should consider joining the Coalition, and colleagues and friends who could be helpful. There's a lot to do, and only a few weeks remaining . . .

PRIVATERRA, an ongoing project of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) whose mission it is to provide technology and information security assistance to Human rights NGOs invites you to join its announcement mailing list.

Subscribing to this very low traffic mailing list is easy, just visit the

OR send a blank message to: announce-subscribe(a)


Two more pattern submissions were recently added to CPSR's Public Sphere Project (PSP) "Pattern Language for Democratic Communication" bringing the total to 259. The system ( regularly shows up somewhere between 6th and 18th on Google out of 54,000 or so sites. We especially welcome your participation now as we enter the very important phase of editing and organizing the patterns into an actual pattern language.

The e-Liberate online deliberation system ( developed by Evergreen student Nathan Clinton was made available last month for beta-testing with non-profit organizations. We will begin beta-testing later this month with a non-profit health education organization and expand from there. Please register your interest via our web site ( If you are from a non-profit organization that uses Roberts Rules of Order (or a variant) and would like to use the system with a "real" meeting we'd like to work with you. The basic information is available at We plan to work with several organizations over the next few months to identify any problems with the system and fix them before opening up the system to general use and releasing the software under a free software license.

Finally, PSP director Doug Schuler has just returned from a trip Chelyabinsk and Moscow in Russia and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Doug discussed opportunities for community networking collaboration with people in both Russian cities and gave a presentation on "civic intelligence at the Nederlands Instituut voor Wetenschappelijke Informatiediensten" (NIWI) in Amsterdam. He will discuss "The Co-Evolution of Community Networks and Civic Intelligence" at Penn State later this month and help celebrate (virtually) the Milano Civic Network's (RCM) 10th birthday. Milan has one of the most successful community civic networks in the world and was the site of a large meeting last year to explore the launch of CPSR/Italy. Many happy returns to the Milano project!


Sorry for the long silence, but things have been very busy lately. Nonethe less, an exciting time.

Of the four themes defined as a approach to Computers and Environment (hardware recycling, green design, environmental impacts, and responsible IT practices), many of you have expressed interest in a campaign or action around the theme of hardware recycling. I would like to advance that idea with the group and see what kind of support or ideas there are between us for action.

As for my endeavors, I have been conversing with Ted Smith from Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. He is a long-time fan of CPSR, but has not had much collaboration with the organization lately and was excited by the prospect of doing something with CPSR again. He is also very involved in the Computer TakeBack Campaign, which promotes better manufacturing practices as well as knowledgeable hardware consumers. That campaign, which annually does a Report Card on computer manufacturers near the end of the year, may be a great place for us to be involved.

Also, Sarah Granger suggested that we could couple the initiation of activities with the holiday/shopping season this year. Great idea!

One last thing is that, with the redesign of the CPSR web site, there will be greater opportunities for involvement in managing site content. Group members, and interested members could contribute content about Issues and Working Groups. If any of you are interested, please let me know! Would love to have you be involved and get some training on the new Content Management System.

Chris Johnson
CPSR Computers & Environment WG Chair


The CPSR-Japan chapter held its annual meeting in Tokyo on September 3rd. The session was chaired by Shinji Yamane and covered managerial and programmatic activities for the past and coming years. CPSR President Bill Drake was a guest participant, and discussed ways to enhance the value of membership in CPSR and encourage engagement in the organization's affairs.


The Battle for Accountability in Election Systems, at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, September 22, 4 pm. CPSR Pittsburgh is a co-sponsor.


Larry Lessigwill present "The Comedy of the Commons", in Palo Alto, CA, on September 23. CPSR is a co-sponsor and members can use a discount rate


There are allegations of electronic voting machine vendor employees tinkering with the central tallying computers in Riverside County, California. County Board of Supervisors Candidate, Linda Soubirous, could not challenge the vote, because even though California election law permits any voter to request and review "all relevant election materials" pertaining to a recount, the Registrar refused to provide that information to her. See


The response argues that any regime for the indiscriminate retention of personal data is hazardous. At a time like this, the European Union should be fulfilling its role to uphold the rights of individuals, as technologies become more invasive, and as laws are increasingly reluctant to protect individual rights. Data retention is an invasive and illegal practice with illusory benefits. And to date, the paths to data retention in Europe have involved illegitimate policy processes.

Bill Drake gave a presentation on, "Rethinking Internet Governance: A Holistic Approach," at the New Institute for Social Knowledge and Collaboration, University of Tama, Tokyo; September 6.

Bill Drake will chair the closing plenary session on, "Looking Forward: Does Internet II need a 'New Generation' of Internet Governance?" at the 5th Meeting of the ICANN Studienkreis-- ICANN in the New WSIS Environment: On the Eve of new Partnerships? University of Aarhus, Denmark; September, 17 - 18.

Bill Drake will give a presentation on, "From Holistic Analysis to Agenda Setting," at the Consultation on the Establishment of the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), United Nations, Geneva; September 20-21.

Bill Drake will participate in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's Expert Group Meeting on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), United Nations, Geneva; September 22-23.

Bill Drake will chair a plenary session on, "The New Global Battle on Internet Governance: The World Summit on the Information Society and Beyond," at the 32nd Annual Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, Arlington, VA; October 1-3,

Robert Guerra will give the keynote at FIfF (Forum Informatiker Innen fuer Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung e.V., or Computer Professionals for Peace and Social Responsibility) , 20th annual meeting on critical computer science at Humboldt University September 30 -October 3, Berlin, Germany. Robert's talk is titled "ICTs in the service of Human Rights." (Human rights defenders, Computers, and communications technology.)

Finn Kensing, Jesper Simonsen, and Keld Bodker announce their upcoming publication - Participatory IT Design: Designing for Business and Workplace Realities. See

CPSR India?

Steve Ediger is keen to form a CPSR chapter in India. He can be contacted at SteveEdiger(a)

CPSR needs a high-resolution monitor, 17" or greater, to pair with one of our Palo Alto office computers. (The original monitor failed recently.) Please let Susan know if you have one to donate for an in-kind tax deduction.

My apologies if I overlooked any entries for this Compiler issue, and/or if any of your questions/requests to me have not been answered. I've been overwhelmed for months, and cannot catch up. Please feel free to send me reminders, maybe with the Subject beginning


Susan evoy(a)

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