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Paper or Touch Screen?

CPSR, Verified Voting, Howard Dean and others featured as proponents of printers for electronic voting machines.
October 7, 2004

"The good news is that there’s one immediate fix for both the technical malfunction concerns and the tampering concerns. It’s a printer. That’s right, a printer. Electronic voting machines are computers, and they can be retrofitted with printers for about $500 per machine. The printer prints a receipt that allows voters to verify that the name they touched on the screen is the same one that shows up on the paper. Election officials retain the receipts in case there’s a recount. If that happens, the paper receipts are compared to the electronic data cartridges to see if the counts match. In case they don’t, the paper receipts are considered accurate, since the voters verified them.

There’s a growing camp getting behind the printer idea. These include knowledgeable techies, like the members of Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility, numerous Democratic senators and representatives, and former presidential candidate Howard Dean. And organizations like the Verified Voting Foundation, aware of the risks posed by electronic voting, are recruiting technology experts to verify voting on Nov. 2 in polling locations around the country."

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