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CPSR Board of Director Elections

We will be filling two vacancies.

During the spring of 2005, CPSR will hold elections to fill two vacancies on its Board of Directors for three-year terms. All elected Directors run for "at large" positions. The Board then selects its officers from amongst its membership.

This year the Board will need to select a Vice President.

The three candidates for the two available Director-at-Large positions are:
David Casacuberta
Todd Davies
Joichi Ito

Duties expected of every board member include:

- Staying current reading and participating on the board's email lists

- Working at least two hours a week, beyond reading board email - Participating on board committees

- Acting as liaisons between the board and its projects, chapters, and working groups - Helping to raise funds to support CPSR and its groups

- Voting on 75% or more of motions before the board

- Attending the preponderance of physical and virtual board meetings (there will be one or two daylong physical meetings and up to 11 two-hour virtual meetings each year)

- Maintaining membership in CPSR during tenure on the board - Complying with CPSR Bylaws

- Avoiding actual and apparent conflicts of interest and complying with CPSR's policy on conflicts of interest

For more information on the structure and organization of CPSR, see
The CPSR Bylaws are at
For a list of current board members, see

Ballots were mailed to all members who were members in good standing as of March 14th, with postal addresses on file, by April 11. Ballots must be postmarked back to the CPSR office no later than Monday, May 23, 2005.

Members can have access to the candidates to discuss issues with them by joining the Elections list via

Ballots will be counted June 23, 2005.

All regularly elected positions take effect on July 1, 2005.

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CPSR seems to be the more important association for me - certainly it concentrates more on the issues that matter to me than the mainstream professional bodies