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Progress on CPSR's New Web Site

Welcome to the new CPSR web site! We invite you to visit our new Privacy & Civil Liberties section, under "Issues." We also invite you to be a Beta Tester for new member features. And there's a new way to access information from the previous site...
You can now use the former URL to access CPSR information that was online previous to October, 2004 -- with one small change. Just add "prevsite/" to the former URL after ""

For example, to see the rich archive of CPSR articles and links on War and Peace, including the buildup to the current Iraq war, you may have previously bookmarked:

Just change your bookmark (or input the URL directly) to:

As before, you can also access those pages at  "Previous CPSR Site" on the bottom of the left bar of the homepage. Those pages can now also be directly bookmarked.

We are working to add and move more content onto the site and fill out the members area and action center. We are open to suggestions for changes and improvements.  We are also looking for members to beta test the new member features and help develop new chapter and issues sections of the site.

Again, if you cannot find the information you seek, you can find more by clicking on the "Previous CPSR Site" on the left bar of the homepage, or by going to for pages not yet moved.

To let us know if you'd like to help launch sections on the new site or be a beta tester, and/or to send feedback, contact webmaster(a)
 (Note: please replace the (a) with the "at" email symbol. We didn't put it here to avoid generating spam.)
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Last modified April 29, 2005 12:05 PM

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