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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Madison, Wisconsin Chapter

Welcome to Mad-City's CPSR chapter home page!

We are interested in exploring issues of information technology as it relates to our community, through public forums, neighborhood networking, and coalition-building with other public interest groups.

* * * Fall '97 Speaker Series * * *

All events at Madison Public Library, 201 West Mifflin Street, 7:15-8:45 PM.

blue dot September 22--Children in Cyberspace: Jane Pearlmutter

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled the Communications Decency Act (CDA) in violation of Freedom of Speech, and separated the Internet from the rules imposed on broadcast media, what do parents and others need to know to provide a safe online environment for their children? Does the nanny "filtering" software work? Is there a CDA II on the horizon? Parents with or without Internet expertise welcome!

blue dot October--Information Haves and Have-Nots: William Wresch, PhD

What are the social consequences for the concentration of information technology among wealthy nations? How does global information flow affect preservation of culture and distribution of wealth? What does universal access mean in telecommunications and in relation to the Internet? What is being done nationally and internationally to increase information equity?

blue dot November--Privacy on the Net: Don Goldhammer

"[Digital] privacy is closely related to issues of anonymity (and pseudonymity), wiretapping, mail/email interception, encryption, and the interests of corporations (direct marketing and the sale of personal information). It is also related to other current issues such as censorship, intellectual property rights, and security (both law enforcement and national security) which are often falsely cast in opposition to the right to (and need for) privacy,"--D.G.

blue dot Tues. December 9--Grassroots Activism Using the Internet: Dana Fisher

Come hear how international alliances are being formed and enhanced using the 'network of networks.' The environmental movement's use of the Internet will be examined on a global level. Local activists are encouraged to come and share strategies and scepticism.

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Just send mail to the CPSR if you want to help organize future events & activities, learn how to join CPSR, or contribute to this page.

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