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CPSR New York

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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

The New York Chapter

Our official mission statement:

CPSR is a public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society. We work to influence decisions regarding the development and use of computers because those decisions have far-reaching consequences and reflect our basic values and priorities.

As technical experts, CPSR members provide the public and policy makers with realistic assessments of the power, promise, and limitations of computer technology. As concerned citizens, we direct public attention to critical choices concerning the applications of computing and how those choices affect society.

Every project we undertake is based on five principles:

  • We foster and support public discussion of, and public responsibility for decisions involving the use of computers in systems critical to society.
  • We work to dispel popular myths about the infallibility of technological systems.
  • We challenge the assumption that technology alone can solve political and social problems.
  • We critically examine social and technical issues within the computer profession, both nationally and internationally.
  • We encourage the use of information technology to improve the quality of life.
CPSR is a democratically organized membership organization. Our accomplishments result from the active involvement of our members, supported by the CPSR staff and computer professionals across the country.

This chapter is populated but not currently organizing activities. CPSR members can quickly come to life when approached via to rise to the occassion to:

*answer inquiries
*speak with the press
*create and maintain a web page
*create and use a mailing list
*host conferences, panel discussions, speakers, and/or talks
*meet informally to discuss current events
*present expert testimony
*study a local issue
*write and publish, etc. etc. etc.

One of the most important missions of CPSR is to help people communicate with their government. For this reason, we have these links:

Please note that these pages tend to be graphics intensive.

Other links of interest:

Hotwired's Hotbot Search Engine
Digital's Altavista Search Engine

Last updated April 2001.
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Why did you join CPSR?

To support campaigns that raise awareness of technological uses and abuses that have significant societal effects.