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CPSR-Peru Founded

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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Date: November 12, 2002

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About CPSR-Peru Contact: Katitza Rodriguez,, 51-1-2225444


The formation of CPSR-Peru was announced by Hans Klein, Chairman of the Board of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR). Thewebsite for CPSR Peru can be viewed in Spanish at

CPSR-Peru joins CPSR's family of regional groups around the world, including many in the United States.

Klein said, "The formation of CPSR-Peru is a major step in the continued internationalization of CPSR. This new chapter will connect our on-going public interest work in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, and other regions to Latin America, where social and policy issues of computing have come to the forefront."

The officers of the new chapter are Pedro Mendizabal, Chairman, Katherine Cieza, Secretary, and Katitza Rodriguez, Treasurer. Rodriguez is also on the board of directors of CPSR and Privaterra.

Rodriguez stated, "I am glad that our Peruvian members have taken the step to organize as a chapter. We can now be more effective in addressing the effects of computer technology in our world."

"CPSR-Peru members, as technical experts and concerned citizens, have visions and objectives coincident with CPSR. Our cultural identities come from the philosophical and legal traditions of continental Europe, as well as our lives in a multi- cultural, multi-ethic, socially and economically unequal society."

CPSR-Peru joins international CPSR chapters in Canada, Uganda, Japan, and Spain. Coralee Whitcomb, President of CPSR, is pleased with the formation of CPSR-Peru. "We need the social and cultural perspective of international chapters in dealing with technology which crosses national borders. CPSR-Peru will help us expand our horizons."

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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) is a twenty one year old public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society.

As technical experts, CPSR members provide the public and policymakers with realistic assessments of the power, promise, and limitations of computer technology.

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