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CPSR-Philadelphia Chapter

Working Groups
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Philadelphia Chapter

A public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others
concerned about the impact of computer technology on society

CPSR Working Groups are largely where CPSR program work is being done these days.
Most interaction is by email with global participation.

This chapter is populated but not currently organizing activities. CPSR members can quickly come to life when approached via to rise to the occassion to:

*answer inquiries
*speak with the press
*create and maintain a web page
*create and use a mailing list
*host conferences, panel discussions, speakers, and/or talks
*meet informally to discuss current events
*present expert testimony
*study a local issue
*write and publish, etc. etc. etc.

CPSR Chapters are valuable as local geographic groups within CPSR. Chapters should do what they are comfortable with, within the bounds of CPSR's MISSION, Program, and By-Laws, and know that Chapters have value simply by having a presence and contact on our website, and being in-situ consituencies of experts, who other members, the public, and the press can turn to for support and expertise, and who can be called upon to act on issues, organize or attend conferences, and work on projects as they arise. CPSR Chapters can simply meet for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert to give members some face-to-face contact that easily works into their busy lives. CPSR Chapters can go beyond this to actively educate other members, the public, and the press by serving themselves as speakers and experts; or presenting forums for outside speakers.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming involved with this CPSR chapter, contact:

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USA Chapters -

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Why did you join CPSR?

To support campaigns that raise awareness of technological uses and abuses that have significant societal effects.