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Transportation for CPSR 2001 Annual Conference

CPSR Annual Conference
October 19-21, 2001
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Transportation for CPSR 2001 Annual Conference

The conference will be help at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan on October 19-21, 2001. There are a number of ways to get to Ann Arbor.

By Air

Fly into Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) which is about 35 miles to the east of Ann Arbor.

To get to Ann Arbor from DTW, you have these options:

  • Rent a car, of course. The drive to Ann Arbor will take approximately 45 minutes on I-94 westbound. You will find parking in Ann Arbor to be relatively expensive. Read the section 'By Car' for more details.

  • Shuttle service remains unsettled. The previous shuttle service is no longer in business, and while a local company is considering starting a shuttle service, nothing will be in place by the time of the conference. :-(

  • Taxicabs are your surest and quickest transportation, and by far, the most expensive. A taxi will cost you a cool $50 for the ride. The secret is to share your ride with someone else, since the ride costs the same for one or four people. There are various other limos you will find as you leave the airport. Typically these will cost more than a taxi - be careful to ask how much they charge.

  • Hitch a ride - a number of local CPSR members have offered to provide rides from the airport. Drop us an Email with your arrival times and the local corrdinator will see if anyone's schedule matches yours.

By Train

Ann Arbor is one of the relatively few places these days where a train is quite a good option. I'm told the train into Ann Arbor is one of the busiest in the Amtrak system. The train station is just north of downtown. A taxi ride to the hotels will cost less than $15. Check the Amtrak web site for schedules and costs.

By Bus

Like anywhere else, Greyhound comes here too. The bus terminal is on the edge of downtown. A taxi ride to the hotels will cost about $12. Check the Greyhound web site for schedules and costs.

By Car

You may choose to drive to Ann Arbor. The city is served by three major roads, US 23, US 14 and I-94. The hotels are on the south side, right off I-94 at the State St exit (#177).

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