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Globalization of CPSR

Working Groups
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

While the CPSR Board is in Seattle for CPSR's
Annual Conference and Norbert Wiener Award Dinner for Mitch Kapor,
CPSR members are invited to a free discussion session

organized by: William J. Drake

6 - 9 pm, Friday October 24, 2003
The Watertown Hotel
4242 Roosevelt Way, NE
Seattle, WA

CPSR is becoming a somewhat globalized organization. Already we have individual members in over twenty seven countries, chapters on four continents, and a new Board of Directors comprising almost half non-U.S. residents. There is reason to believe that in the years come, the global sphere will be the source of many new and members. At the same time, some of CPSRís most active members in the U.S. and abroad are already involved in international policy debates, including the United Nations' World Summit on the Information Society.

The globalization of CPSR's membership and involvements creates both exciting opportunities and daunting challenges for the organization. How can we best capitalize on the former and manage the latter? Come join an intensive, action-oriented discussion of these issues to be held in conjunction with CPSR's annual conference!


1. Brief remarks by globally engaged members to set the stage:

William J. Drake
Director, the Project on the Information Revolution and Global Governance;
Senior Associate, the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable
Development; Switzerland

The World Summit on the Information Society
William J. McIver, Jr.
The State University of New York at Albany; USA

Cooperation and Alliances between CPSR and Other Civil Society Organizations
Hans Klein
Georgia Institute of Technology; USA

Industrialized vs. Developing Country Member Interests and Priorities
Madan Rao; India

Building International Membership and Chapters
Katitza Rodriguez
Privaterra; Peru

2. Discussion

Potential Outcomes and Action Items

1. WSIS. Coordinating CPSR's participation at the December 2003 conference in Geneva.

2. United Nations. Discussion of possible CPSR participation in other social, economic and policy discussions related to information and communication technology.

3. Working Group on Global ICT Policies. Possible establishment of an interest group to coordinate CPSR involvement in global issues, including WSIS.

4. CPSR Cooperation with Other Civil Society Organizations. Possible expansion and formalization of our relationships with other-oriented public interest groups in the U.S. and abroad.

5. Building International Membership and Chapters. Possible action and guidelines, including with respect to organizational finances.

6. Other Action Points We Might Identify . . .

Please let us know who we should expect to attend by using the Conference and/or Dinner form for offline registration or the secure online registration form that will be available soon via

For discussions leading up to the session, members are encouraged to participate on the cpsr-activists list.
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Why did you join CPSR?

I support critical thinking--including ethical issues--when it comes to decisions about the use of technology. I want more people to have access to learn about technology. I would like to see resources go into finding and implementing technologies that provide the most public good.