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DIAC 94 - Call for Proposals

DIAC '94 - Call for Workshop Proposals

Developing an Equitable and Open Information Infrastructure

Released - December 2, 1993

The National Information Infrastructure (NII) is being proposed as the next-generation "information superhighway" for the 90's and beyond. Academia,libraries, government agencies, as well as media and telecommunicationcompanies are involved in the current development. Computer Professionals forSocial Responsibility (CPSR) and other organizations believe that criticalissues regarding the use of the NII deserve increased public visibility andparticipation and is using the DIAC Symposium to help address this concern.

The DIAC-94 symposium is a two-day symposium and will consist of presentations on the first day and workshops on the second day. The DIACSymposia are held biannually and DIAC-94 will be CPSR's fifth suchconference. We encourage your participation both through attending andthrough conducting a workshop. We are currently soliciting workshopproposals. We suggest proposals on the following themes but any topicrelating to the symposium theme is welcome.

Systems and Services

  • Community networks
  • Information services
  • Delivery of social services
  • Privacy (including medical)
  • Educational support
  • Meeting diverse needs


  • Funding
  • Role of government
  • Economic modelling of networks
  • Commercialization of the NII
  • Universal access
  • Freedom of expression and community standards

Electronic Democracy

  • Access to information
  • Electronic town meetings
  • Threats to democracy
  • Economic and class disparities

Directions and Implications

  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Global hypertext and multimedia
  • Computing in the workplace
  • Computing and the environment

International Issues

  • Language differences
  • Cultural diversity priorities
  • Cooperative projects

Traditional and Virtual Communities

  • MUDs+ National and international
  • Communication ethics, values, and styles
  • Gender relations in cyberspace
  • Networking for indigenous peoples

Workshops will be an hour and half in length. The proposal should includetitle, presenter, purpose of workshop, references, and plan. Workshopsshould substantially involve the audience and proposals in which some groupproduct or action plan is created are preferred. As the proposals may becollected into a book, workshop proposals should be clear and informative topeople who don't participate in the workshop. Proposals are due February 15,1994 and acceptance and rejection notices will be sent by March 15, 1994. To discuss workshops or to submit proposals for workshops contact the program chair, Doug Schuler, doug.schuler @ . Electronic submissions areencouraged but paper versions are also acceptable (send them to CPSR/Seattle

- - - - DIAC '94 Workshop Submission, P.O. Box 85481, Seattle, WA 98145-1481).

Sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsbility Potential co-sponsors are being sought. Please contact us if your organization would like to help with this event. For more information on co-sponsorship or on general issues, contact conference chair, Coralee Whitcomb,

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