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Tokman & Yamacli workshop





Leyla Yekdane Tokman Rusen Yamacli

Department of Architecture Department of Architecture

Engineering And Architectural Faculty, Engineering And Architectural Faculty,

Anadolu University Anadolu University

Iki Eylul Campus, Iki Eylul Campus,

Eskisehir 26470 TURKEY Eskisehir 26470 TURKEY

+90 222 335 05 80/6664 +90 222 335 05 80/6665



Workshop will focus on comparison of designing methods and approaches in collaborative digital environment with human psychology. Competing theoretical frameworks; discrepancies between actual processes, practices and theory; new ideas, reflections, thinking; the impact of digital collaborative technologies on virtual workplaces of students and schools, educational technologies, designing, group working and culture. We will focus on Interface design to communicate accurately on web and computer network. A well-designed user interface of a web-site can give a real opportunity to bring more participant in the interactive collaborative digital environments. Therefore we expect participants to design an interface which focused on a concept. IBM or compatible computers with Internet connection will be needed for workshop and also a portable projector (for computer presentations) and scanner and color printer. Software for 2-D/ 3-D modelling (AutoCAD R14, for example), GIF Animator and Netscape Composer (Netscape Communicator 4.7) will be good as software to use.


Digital environments, Network, Collaborative Design, web-based design, interface design



"An ideal interface design for a collaborative digital environment for the people such as students, lectures, case studies, galleries/examples." and "What Is Next?".


As computing technology continues to evolve, new applications, interaction techniques and a new way of communication come into use. Digital environment bringing more voices by using computer technology and communication technology together with the designed virtual spaces. The language of the virtual spaces coming from the human psychology and cognition. The well-designed interfaces for collaborative workplaces is a kind of a circle/ connection for design and use of computer technology.

User interfaces can give the possibilities of new varieties of multiple interaction techniques on web. Increasingly, computers can communicate with each other and connect us to other computers, to other people.

Another goal is to meet and to develop new ideas and new relationships, to explore the way of thinking of different culture, different people. So A well-designed User interface of a web-site can give a real opportunity to bring more people in the interactive collaborative digital environments. People's attitudes changes to digital environments as they find new benefits, such as personal and social value.

We need to understand how human-computer interaction includes new directions for the design of virtual collaborative environments to bring more choices.


Three/Four design teams will be formed.


  • Strong design skills,
  • Communication and relational skills
  • Familiarity with the use of computers and an interest in design


Johnson, S., Interface culture : how new technology transforms the way we create and communicate. Harper Edge, New York, 1997.

Sudweeks F., McLaughlin M. L., and Rafaeli S. (eds.), Network and Netplay Virtual Groups on the Internet, MIT Press, USA 1998



Leyla Yekdane TOKMAN, born in 1967, Architect, BSc (1989) and MSc (1995) in Gazi University and PhD on Computer Aided Architecture (1999) in Yildiz Technical University. She has 13 conference presentations, 4 workshops, 2 posters, 2 web-sites and 5 publications. She has also 5 undergraduate lectures and 2 graduate lectures in Department of Architecture, Anadolu University, Turkey

Rusen Yamacli, born in 1966, Architect, BSc (1988) and MSc (1991) in Mimar Sinan University and PhD on Design and Environment (1997) in Istanbul Technical University, Post Doctoral Study (1999) in ICDES, UK. She has 20 conference presentations, 5 workshops, 2 posters, 12 publications and 2 books. She has also 6 undergraduate lectures and 2 graduate lectures in Department of Architecture, Anadolu University, Turkey

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