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PDC '96 Overview Page

Fourth Biennial Conference on Participatory Design

November 13-15, 1996

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.


CPSR's Participatory Design Conference is an international forum where this emerging community can meet, exchange ideas and experiences, and investigate the incorporation of participatory design approaches in new areas such as: product development, long-term system maintenance and redesign, and settings in the developing world.

The first Participatory Design Conference (PDC'90), explored the historical roots of this way of working, by bringing European practitioners together with American researchers and industry developers. By the second Conference, PDC'92, participatory approaches to design had taken root in the US, not only in research environments, but also at several commercial firms. The goal at that time was to take a further step towards defining and nurturing participatory design. At the third Conference, PDC'94, ways of working were considered, and a substantial dialog among practitioners was fostered.

The fourth Participatory Design Conference, PDC'96, will again provide an international forum where researchers and practitioners can exchange ideas and experiences, and will also consider the implications of the changing political, organizational, and economic landscape for participatory design.

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