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Healthcare Coverage Available via CPSR

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Healthcare Coverage Available via CPSR

CPSR offers the ability to purchase health insurance through NASRO as a service to its members. In doing so, CPSR makes no claims about NASRO or the insurance products it offers and members should carefully evaluate all terms and conditions. NASRO is an independent organization over which CPSR has no control.

Access to group healthcare coverage can be a problem. To help our members, CPSR has linked up with the National Association for Socially Responsible Organizations (NASRO). NASRO is a non-profit organization that among other things helps address the question of health care access for independent workers, micro businesses and associations. We think NASRO provides a service that is particularly needed by some of our members, many of whom work independently, making it difficult to attain health coverage.

Contact NASRO to learn more about their services and their possible applicability to you and your family.

As of January 8, 2003, NASRO is finishing with the loading to their website of all of its many health plans . You might be interested in the new deep discount drug card that brings in mailorder medications from Canada. NASRO also has added a stand alone dental discount benefit. Both of these programs are available in all 50 states.

NASRO will be creating a page that is especially for CPSR members.

The NASRO membership email address and web site are and .

For all benefits questions, please refer to the site of the NASRO Health Insurance Consumer Cooperative otherwise known as

NASRO Contacts: Robert Gaw, Lotta Continua, Tom Henderson

If NASRO's services look like something you'd like to take advantage of, you need to be a current dues-paying member of CPSR. To join CPSR, use our membership form or call us at 650-322-3778. NASRO will be verifying CPSR membership.

Request an application for NASRO by calling NASRO directly. All completed applications should be faxed or mailed directly to NASRO. Once enrolled with NASRO, you will receive a membership ID card directly from the health care provider. You will receive your monthly premium bill from NASRO.

NASRO also serves as a political coalition on social responsible issues that concern independent workers and micro businesses. For NASRO, "social responsibility refers to the responsibility of all organizations of civil society to augment the work of government and to change the work of government from one whose priority is serving powerful special interests to agovernment that is dedicated to universal citizen voting, ending poverty and reversing environmental degradation." NASRO actively supports the push for state universal access to health care.

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