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Government censorship--Other sites

Several Other Internet Sites Cover the Censorship Issue

The Center for Democracy and Technology maintains a Web page on the Communications Decency Act.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation also has material.

Voters Telecommunications Watch is circulating a letter against the bill, to be signed by businesses using electronic networks such as Internet service providers. They also have an informational gopher site.

The libertarian Cato Foundation offers a fascinating history of censorship in the United States.

The Index on Censorshp discusses current examples of censorship around the world.

Senator Russell Feingold (D-WI) wrote an excellent letter criticizing the philosophy behind Exon's original Communications Decency Act. Two interesting debates show the values and knowledge bases behind both sides, one between Exon and Leahy on the Senate floor, and the other between Exon and Jerry Berman of the CDA on the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour.

Nat Hentoff wrote an editorial against the bill in Entertainment Weekly.

Author: Andrew Oram

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