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Index of /cpsr/privacy/communications/caller_id

Index of /cpsr/privacy/communications/caller_id

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 10-Dec-1997 19:12 - [TXT] CPSR_CNID_statement_..> 28-Oct-1994 13:29 21k [TXT] CPSR_RFR_on_FCC_Call..> 24-May-1994 15:36 25k [TXT] cpsr_request_nov_95.txt 01-Feb-1996 11:31 3k [TXT] cpsr_testimony_bosto..> 28-Mar-1992 13:39 22k [TXT] cpsr_testimony_bosto..> 28-Mar-1992 13:39 6k [TXT] cpsr_testimony_cal_c..> 20-Jun-1992 17:23 16k [TXT] cpsr_testimony_cal_c..> 20-Jun-1992 17:23 16k [TXT] cpsr_testimony_vt_cn..> 04-Feb-1993 07:10 59k [TXT] fcc_caller_id_decisi..> 17-May-1994 14:19 94k [TXT] fcc_caller_id_decisi..> 12-May-1995 04:22 94k [TXT] ohio.decree.on.calle..> 12-Oct-1997 22:12 85k [TXT] pa_supreme_ct_decis_..> 04-Feb-1993 06:10 20k [TXT] senate_cnid_bill_s65..> 04-Feb-1993 06:17 14k [TXT] ushouse_cnid_bill_hr..> 04-Feb-1993 06:15 14k

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Created before October 2004

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