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Operation Sun Devil

  • Court's Oral Ruling - On March 12, 1992, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued its ruling in the Freedom of Information Act case brought by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) seeking disclosure of the Operation Sun Devil search warrant materials. The Court ruled that the Secret Service may withhold the material from public disclosure on the ground that release of the information would impede the government's ongoing investigation. On April 22, CPSR filed an appeal of that ruling.

2600 Magazine

  • CPSR's Brief - SR filed a brief in federal district court in Washington, DC, challenging the Secret Service's withholding of information relating to the break-up of a meeting of individuals affiliated with 2600 Magazine in the fall of 1992.
  • CPSR's FOIA - CPSR files foia against Secret Service seeking the disclosure and release of agency records improperly withheld with respect to the break-up of the meeting (above).
  • CPSR's Press Release
  • Secret Service's Letter - the Secret Service failed to respond to the organization's FOIA request within the statutory time limit. In its recent response, the Secret Service released copies of three news clippings concerning the Pentagon City incident but withheld other information "because the documents in the requested file contain information compiled for law enforcement purposes." While the agency asserts that it possesses no "documentation created by the Secret Service chronicling, reporting, or describing the breakup of the meeting," it does admit to possessing "information provided to the Secret Service by a confidential source which is information relating to the breakup of [the] meeting." Federal agencies classify other law enforcement agencies and corporate entities, as well as individuals, as "confidential sources."


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