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Index of /cpsr/privacy/crypto/tools/docs

Index of /cpsr/privacy/crypto/tools/docs

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 10-Dec-1997 19:13 - [TXT] arj-encryption.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:21 9k [TXT] arms-controls-phone-..> 16-Aug-1993 08:22 11k [CMP] blair-crypt-lesson.t..> 16-Aug-1993 08:22 39k [TXT] clipper-chip.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:22 44k [TXT] cpsr-statement.txt 12-Oct-1997 22:12 4k [TXT] crc-discussion.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:22 6k [TXT] crypt-bookstores.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:22 2k [TXT] crypt-journals.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:22 7k [TXT] crypt-sites.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:23 1k [TXT] crypto-history-books..> 16-Aug-1993 08:23 4k [   ] crypto-random-num.bib 16-Aug-1993 08:23 3k [TXT] crypto.bib 16-Aug-1993 08:23 23k [TXT] dept-of-commerce-cry..> 16-Aug-1993 08:23 31k [TXT] des-break-errata.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:23 20k [CMP] 16-Aug-1993 08:24 57k [CMP] des-chip-paper-src-0..> 16-Aug-1993 08:26 208k [TXT] des-validation.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:26 11k [TXT] dod-pmsp-messages.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:26 44k [TXT] dss-proposal.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:27 27k [TXT] dss-subliminal-chann..> 16-Aug-1993 08:27 6k [TXT] elgamal-using-dss.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:27 2k [TXT] english-trigram-freq..> 16-Aug-1993 08:27 1k [TXT] enigma-wiring.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:27 5k [TXT] factoring-bibliograp..> 16-Aug-1993 08:27 5k [TXT] fast-random-nums.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:27 7k [TXT] feal-algorithm.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:27 9k [TXT] getting-nist-pubs.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:27 2k [TXT] goldbug-book-dedicat..> 16-Aug-1993 08:27 2k [CMP] golding-weak-consist..> 16-Aug-1993 08:30 298k [TXT] itar-export-bibliogr..> 16-Aug-1993 08:30 4k [TXT] itar-july-93.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:32 331k [CMP] kryptoknight-authent..> 16-Aug-1993 08:41 763k [TXT] ky-28-military-voice..> 16-Aug-1993 08:41 6k [TXT] letter-against-nist-..> 16-Aug-1993 08:41 25k [TXT] letters-against-clip..> 16-Aug-1993 08:41 26k [TXT] luc-algorithm.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:41 1k [CMP] luc-public-key-paper..> 16-Aug-1993 08:42 101k [TXT] md5-cryptanalysis.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:43 6k [TXT] merkle-khufu-khafre-..> 16-Aug-1993 08:43 80k [TXT] msdos6.0-compression..> 16-Aug-1993 08:43 10k [TXT] nist-capstone.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:43 3k [TXT] nist-dss-clipper-tes..> 16-Aug-1993 08:43 20k [TXT] nist-secure-hash.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:43 24k [TXT] nonlinear-combiners.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:43 3k [TXT] nsa-letter.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:44 23k [CMP] password-certificati..> 16-Aug-1993 08:45 137k [TXT] playfair-challenge.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:45 3k [TXT] polygonal-pubkey-alg..> 16-Aug-1993 08:45 8k [TXT] privacy-anonymity-fa..> 16-Aug-1993 08:46 144k [CMP] public-key-overview-..> 16-Aug-1993 08:48 133k [TXT] rabin-algorithm.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:48 8k [TXT] ritter-cloak.txt 16-Aug-1993 08:48 14k [DIR] rsa-conf-93/ 10-Dec-1997 19:12 - [CMP] 19-Jul-1997 07:38 219k [TXT] rsa-nist-dsa-agreeme..> 16-Aug-1993 08:52 7k [DIR] rsa-public-key-crypt..> 10-Dec-1997 19:11 - [TXT] s-box-exam-question.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:00 9k [TXT] sbox-bibliography.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:00 2k [TXT] sbox-overview.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:00 10k [TXT] sci.crypt-faq.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:01 109k [TXT] scientific-american-..> 16-Aug-1993 09:01 7k [TXT] secret-sharing.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:01 6k [TXT] secure-netnews.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:01 12k [TXT] shuffle-array.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:01 3k [TXT] snuffle-export-hassl..> 16-Aug-1993 09:01 37k [TXT] software-cryptophone..> 16-Aug-1993 09:02 21k [TXT] three-cryptographers..> 16-Aug-1993 09:02 3k [TXT] tis-pem-faq.txt 16-Aug-1993 09:02 10k [TXT] warlock-matrix-pubke..> 16-Aug-1993 09:02 41k [TXT] zero-knowledge-proof..> 16-Aug-1993 09:02 8k

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