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Index of /cpsr/privacy/epic/104th_congress_bills

Index of /cpsr/privacy/epic/104th_congress_bills

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 28-Aug-1998 09:30 - [TXT] EPIC_Legislative_Upd..> 12-Oct-1997 22:12 15k [TXT] S714_leahy_press_rel..> 12-May-1995 08:45 2k [TXT] epic_legislative_ove..> 23-Feb-1995 21:25 7k [TXT] hr003_crime.txt 05-Feb-1995 12:02 99k [TXT] hr0112_electronic_st..> 05-Feb-1995 09:37 1k [TXT] hr0153_drug_testing.txt 05-Feb-1995 09:47 21k [TXT] hr0184_privacy_prote..> 05-Feb-1995 11:15 24k [TXT] hr0195_interstate_ch..> 05-Feb-1995 11:19 120k [TXT] hr0315_work_welfare.txt 05-Feb-1995 11:17 81k [TXT] hr0319_classified_in..> 11-Feb-1995 19:32 2k [TXT] hr0361_export_contro..> 04-Jul-1995 06:32 403k [TXT] hr0411_status_and_ov..> 11-Feb-1995 19:33 23k [TXT] hr0411_telecom_refor..> 05-Feb-1995 11:22 77k [TXT] hr0434_condit_remark..> 05-Feb-1995 12:18 5k [TXT] hr0434_postal_privac..> 05-Feb-1995 11:11 3k [TXT] hr1004_communication..> 23-Feb-1995 21:14 8k [TXT] hr1004_status_2.23.txt 23-Feb-1995 21:14 2k [TXT] hr1234_health_care.txt 11-May-1995 05:01 173k [TXT] hr1271_family_privac..> 28-Apr-1995 13:12 5k [TXT] hr1271_status_4_28.txt 28-Apr-1995 13:17 5k [TXT] hr1555_telecomm_refo..> 11-May-1995 04:51 155k [TXT] hr1710_terrorism.txt 24-Jun-1995 10:14 151k [TXT] hr1912_medical_ssn.txt 04-Jul-1995 06:23 90k [TXT] hr434_status_2.9.95.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:34 1k [TXT] hr435_condit_comment..> 05-Feb-1995 11:13 14k [TXT] hr435_medical_privac..> 05-Feb-1995 09:39 120k [TXT] hr502_ssn_anti_fruad..> 05-Feb-1995 09:47 15k [TXT] hr560_immigration.txt 05-Feb-1995 11:33 22k [TXT] hr560_status.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:21 7k [TXT] hr561_fcra_gonzales_..> 05-Feb-1995 11:10 6k [TXT] hr561_fcra_revisions..> 05-Feb-1995 09:50 151k [TXT] hr570_new_ss_card.txt 23-Feb-1995 21:15 2k [TXT] hr666_congressional_..> 11-Feb-1995 19:23 164k [TXT] hr666_exclusionary_r..> 11-Feb-1995 19:24 4k [TXT] hr666_exclusionary_r..> 11-Feb-1995 19:35 4k [TXT] hr666_fazio_extended..> 11-Feb-1995 19:25 6k [TXT] hr666_final_.txt 23-Feb-1995 21:14 4k [TXT] hr666_house_resoluti..> 11-Feb-1995 19:25 3k [TXT] hr666_hres_discussio..> 11-Feb-1995 19:37 120k [TXT] hr666_status_2.10.95..> 11-Feb-1995 19:27 5k [TXT] hr666_trafficant.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:30 117k [TXT] hr668_immigration.txt 05-Feb-1995 09:40 16k [TXT] hr668_immigration_fi..> 14-Feb-1995 06:59 27k [TXT] hr668_immigration_pa..> 23-Feb-1995 21:16 27k [TXT] hr668_smith_speech.txt 23-Feb-1995 21:17 7k [TXT] hr68_FBI_counterinte..> 05-Feb-1995 11:12 2k [TXT] hr756_immigration.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:40 85k [TXT] hr756_status.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:31 4k [TXT] hr785_child_support.txt 14-Feb-1995 07:02 175k [TXT] hr801.txt 14-Feb-1995 07:05 42k [TXT] hr830_paperwork_redu..> 11-Feb-1995 19:32 76k [TXT] hr830_paperwork_redu..> 23-Feb-1995 21:18 74k [TXT] hr830_status_2.23.txt 23-Feb-1995 21:19 4k [TXT] s03_crime_bill.txt 05-Feb-1995 09:43 193k [TXT] s03_dems_overview.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:42 6k [TXT] s07_health_care_dasc..> 05-Feb-1995 09:46 150k [TXT] s07_overview.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:44 2k [TXT] s244_paperwork_reduc..> 23-Feb-1995 21:20 78k [TXT] s244_status_2.23.txt 23-Feb-1995 21:19 2k [TXT] s269_immigration_sim..> 05-Feb-1995 09:52 100k [TXT] s314_communications_..> 11-Feb-1995 19:48 8k [TXT] s314_status_2.9.95.txt 11-Feb-1995 19:43 1k [TXT] s390_counterterroris..> 26-Apr-1995 10:31 130k [TXT] s456_child_support.txt 23-Feb-1995 21:23 178k [TXT] s54_exclusionary_rul..> 23-Feb-1995 21:23 2k [TXT] s599_welfare.txt 20-Jun-1995 09:48 23k [TXT] s652_telecom_passed_..> 20-Jun-1995 09:42 18k [TXT] s652_telecomm_reform..> 12-May-1995 04:46 171k [TXT] s709_fcra.txt 11-May-1995 04:21 126k [TXT] s714_cda_alternative..> 12-May-1995 04:44 3k [TXT] s735_terrorism.txt 09-May-1995 15:06 174k [TXT] s735_terrorism_bill_..> 20-Jun-1995 09:44 211k [TXT] s761_clinton_letter.txt 09-May-1995 15:15 6k [TXT] s761_terrorism.txt 16-May-1995 19:03 198k [TXT] s761_terrorism_overv..> 09-May-1995 15:00 181k [TXT] s922_intell_authoriz..> 04-Jul-1995 06:34 34k [TXT] s926_child_support.txt 04-Jul-1995 06:36 39k [TXT] s946_chief_info_offi..> 04-Jul-1995 06:41 219k [TXT] s974_encryption_wire..> 04-Jul-1995 06:47 9k [TXT] s982_hacker.txt 04-Jul-1995 06:43 9k [TXT] s999_immigration.txt 04-Jul-1995 06:46 99k

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