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Civil Society Statement

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Civil Society Statement


Earlier draft


  Name   Organization   Country
Michel Menou City University (London) UK
Nobuo SAKIYAMA Preparatory committee for Japan Chaper of CPSR Japan
Leah Gallegos The TLD Lobby USA
Dylan K. Park CivilNet South Korea
Christopher Frankonis Global Effort to Eradicate Know-nothings (GEEK Force) USA
Eloise Kleban University of Maine System USA
Jeanette Hofmann Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin Germany
Barbara Simons Association for Computing Machinery (former President) USA
Alan Levin Sunesi South Africa
Robin Bandy   USA
Vittorio Bertola Vitaminic Italy
Yukika Matsumoto JCA-NET Japan
Said Essoulami Centre for Media Freedom Middle East and North Africa UK and Morocco
Bob Crawford Association of Internet Professionals USA
Critt Jarvis USA
Berend Schuitema Marshals Community Service Corps South Africa
Fernando Escamilla Nueva Diplomacia Mexico
Johannes K. Chiang Dept. of MIS, NCCU Taiwan ROC
Lawrence Lessig Stanford University USA
Emerson Tiller University of Texas USA
Andy Mueller-Maguhn Chaos Computer Club Germany
Francesco Ravanelli Italy
Domagoj Margetiæ Croatian Confederation of the Civil Society (ICCS)  Croatia
Signatories of Draft of June 27.
Name Organization Country
Dennis Schaefer Member of IDNO USA
Chris Bailey Internet Rights Campaign
Association for Progressive Communications (APC) 
Tracy Cohen LINK/Wits University South Africa
Marc Holitscher Unit for Internet Studies Switzerland
Tomoya Inyaku JCA-NET Japan
Hans Klein Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR),
Georgia Institute of Technology
Norbert Klein Open Forum of Cambodia Cambodia
Veni Markovski Internet Society - Bulgaria,
ICANN Membership Implementation Task Force Chair for East Europe
Milton Mueller Syracuse University USA
Toshimaru Ogura Net-workers against Surveillance Task-force (NaST) Japan
Nii Quaynor Network Computer Systems (NCS) Ghana
Roberto Roggiero INTERCOM - Ecuanex Ecuador
Marc Rotenberg Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) USA
Barry Steinhardt American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) USA
Shinji Yamane Japan Chapter preparatory committee Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) Japan
Manon Ress Debs-Jones-Douglass Institute USA
Paul Garrin Global Name Space Consortium USA
Mikki Barry Domain Name Rights Coalition (DNRC) USA
Oh, Byoung-il Korean Progressive Network 'Jinbonet' Korea
Carlos Afonso Information Network for the Third Sector (Rits) Brazil
Yaman Akdeniz Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties United Kingdom
Carlos Vera Quintana CTIT UPADI Ecuador
Wilfred Silva
Hyacinth Silva
E-mail and Internet Support for NGO's 
Sri Lanka
E.B.Shantha Women's Unit,
The Resource Centre for Community Groups
Sri Lanka
G.Rajakumar International War-Related Trauma &
Humanitarian Intervention Trust
Sri Lanka
Franck Biancheri Prometheus Europe France
Darryl (Dassa) Lynch DHS International Australia

Archived CPSR Information
Created before October 2004

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