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C-F No. 5- Comments  
CivSoc of CPSR
Comments on 
Cyber-Federalist No. 5 -- The ICANN Member Nomination Process

Michel Menou

Michel Menou
City University, London
United Kingdon

The analysis provided in Cyber Federalist number 5 of the members nomination is perhaps too objective. I am struck in first place by the severe gender imbalance among nominees. Beyond the access problems which members at large experienced in many  countries, it is quite obvious that the present constituencies reflect more  the campaign skills and mobilization of particular groups in particular  countries than any kind of snpashot of the Internet users community at large. Even though the present scenario might have some interesting or refreshing  aspects, it remains that by and large it is a parody of democratic election. If this is a demonstration of what partnerships can be in the governance of  the Internet, our common future is indeed an announced ethical and  practical disaster.

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