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C-F No. 8 - Comments  
CivSoc of CPSR
Comments on 
Cyber-Federalist No. 8 - ICANN's At Large Study

Erick Iriarte & Michael Sondow

Erick Iriarte & Michael Sondow
18 January 2001

 Erick Iriarte escribió:

> >From:  Hans Klein <>

> >  ********************************************************
> >  CYBER-FEDERALIST      No. 8        December 28, 2000


> >In the four months since the At Large study was announced, democracy has
> >been implemented in ICANN.

No sé cómo Sr. Klein puede decir esto, cuando los bylaws de ICANN
todavía dicen: 

"The Corporation shall not have members
as defined in the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
Law ("CNPBCL"), notwithstanding the use of the term "Member" in
these bylaws, in a selection plan adopted by Board resolution, or in
other action of the Board. Instead, the Corporation shall allow
individuals (described in these bylaws as "Members") to participate
in the activities of the Corporation as described in this Article II
and in a selection plan adopted by Board resolution, and only to the
extent set forth in this Article II and in a selection plan adopted
Board resolution."

Este bylaw efectivamente quita a la membresía at-large su poder de
miembro en la corporación.

El comentario de Klein y CivSoc es mucho más optimista que merita la
verdadera situación. Hasta que los representantes de los usuarios
tomen cuenta de la realidad, seguirán siendo ineficaces e incapables
de cambiar lo que sea.


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