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C-F No. 9 - Comments  
CivSoc of CPSR
Comments on 
Cyber-Federalist No. 9 - The New Politics of ICANN: Board Diplomacy

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Bret Fausett
Alan Levin
Michael Sondow
Dave McClure

Bret Fausett

> For ICANN board decisions, the all-important number is ten. On a
> nineteen-member board, it takes ten directors to form a majority. Ten votes
> can modify the bylaws.  ....
 Slight correction: It requires 2/3 vote of the Directors to modify the bylaws (See Article XII).

Alan Levin

Please note that there is an African forum

Michael Sondow

> Most  important is a forum where directors and members can interact. At least two
> regions have such forums:
> the ICANN Europe list (ICANN-EU) and the Boston Working
> Group List (BWG) in North America 

La lista del BWG no es abierta. Aquellos que la controlan deciden
quién puede subscribirse y quién no puede. ¿Es esto la democracia?

Dave McClure
US Internet Industry Association
30 January 2001

Very much enjoyed your piece on the diplomacy skills that will be needed by
the new directors.  To your list I might add one more -- knowledge of
Roberts Rules of Order.  A basic course in Roberts Rules and other
parliamentary procedures is necessary so that the directors are not left out
when it comes time for the intricacies of calling the question and voting.

A couple hours that would be well spent on their time, IMHO.  I've seen many
a Board tied in knots by someone who knows a little about the procedures.



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