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Voting, Computers and the Human-Computer Interface

CPSR has been studying voting machines and the human-machine interface of voting since the 1980s.
Working Groups
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

CPSR's Election Incident Reporting Project. to develop an incident reporting system that will accept incident reports via the web from multiple organizations, store these reports in a database, serve data to public reporting systems (redacting personally-identifiable information where required), and archive incidents for later use by academic and media researchers, and the general public. The system developed can be used with minor modification for multiple elections cycles, providing a means to make the elections process more transparent and accountable. Geeks can help with U.S. Elections

The Battle for Accountability in Election Systems - - David Dill - Pittsburgh, PA - September 22, 2004

"Computer Ate My Vote" - U.S. Kick-off Day of Action - July 13, 2004 - Rallies Nationwide for Election Integrity and Paper Ballots - Voters Ask Election Officials to Pledge to Count All Votes - Present Petititions - Ask State Election Officials to Sign a Pledge

U.S. Election Assistance Commission Testimony - and Statement - May 5, 2004

Panel Discussion about Electronic Voting Problems - Washington, DC - December 6, 2003

Forum on Electronic Voting - Santa Cruz, CA - October 26, 2003

Doug Jones' panel discussion on E-voting , The Diebold AccuVote TS Should be Decertified , at the the August 6, 2003 USENIX Security Symposium in Washington DC (an update of his handout from the July 28, 2003 USACM Workshop on Voter-Ver ifiable Election Systems in Denver).

The Trouble With E-Voting by Sarah Granger, CPSR's Project Director .

CPSR Comments on the California Touch Screen Task Force Report - August 1, 2003

CPSR Endorsed Statement by Technologists that Voting Machines Must Provide a Voter-Verifiable Audit Trail - Spring 2003

The Florida 2000 U.S. Presidential Election Problem

CPSR Answers Computer-Based Voting Technology Questions.

Reliability Problems with Vote-O-Matic Ballot Counting, by Erik Nilsson of CPSR

Voting Irregularities in Palm Beach County by Jonathan N. Wand - Kenneth W. Shotts - Jasjeet S. Sekhon - Walter R. Mebane, Jr. - Michael C. Herron

A Note on the Voting Irregularities in Palm Beach, Florida, by Greg D. Adams and Chris Fastnow.

A Vote for Buchanan is a Vote for Gore? by Craig Fox

An HCI Analysis of the Palm Beach Ballot Controversy, by Paul Resnick

Other Articles on Issues of Computers and Voting

CPSR Publications

Getting the Chad Out: Elections, Technology, and Reform
The CPSR Newsletter, Edited by Erik Nilsson, 19, 1 (Winter 2001)
Emerging Democratic Communities
The CPSR Newsletter, Edited by Erik Nilsson , 16, 1 (Winter 1998), $3.00.
Information-age democracies depend on technology. New, more responsive forms of governance are possible, but we become dependent on election technologies that sometimes fail. For over ten years, CPSR has conducted projects on the use of electoral computing. CPSR members have observed elections, investigated irregularities, contributed to standards documents, and been consultants to election commissions. This issue examines how technology has changed democracy. Four CPSR correspondents report on the changing technological face of democracy, from war-torn Africa to the Internet.
Bits of the South African Election.
The CPSR Newsletter, Edited by Erik Nilsson,13, 1 (Winter 1995).
Special Report on Computing and Elections.
Election Watch, a project of the Urban Policy Research Institue and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. 11 pages, $3.00.
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