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Culture, Class, and Cyberspace

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Dr. Arun Mehta: "I don't think in trying to extend the Internet, one should try to change the world. The Internet will do it all by itself."

CPSR-GLOBAL is a very new, very active Listserv group. You can help keep the conversation growing by reading these notes rather than posting to the group. Thanks! Here are some FAQs:

1. What is this newsgroup for?

CPSR-GLOBAL is a moderated Listserv for uniting people all over the world who want to talk about:
  • regional decisions about the information infrastructure that will affect all of us--we want the global information infrastructure to be a positive part of our cultures.
  • issues of national identity, "cultural pollution," and international communication and the GII
  • the new emerging GII world culture
  • international issues of security and privacy and computer law
  • international issues of computer development (keyboards, safety)
  • issues of design
  • language
  • whatever other global issues you want to discuss.

    2. What are some other resources I can search?

    3. How do I join CPSR-GLOBAL?

    4. How do I quit CPSR-GLOBAL?

    5. How do I get a summary in digest form?

    6. What are some of the topics have you discussed so far?

    • Cultural Imperialism and the GII
    • Encryption/gov't rights
    • GII - who defines it?
    • Information Highway in year 2020
    • Internet/minitel
    • A national consensus ab. info?
    • Info has no borders
    • Technical wiretap terror

    7. I want to read some of these posts. Where can I find them?

    More to follow, as we further define what is known, what is not, what needs to be done, what can be done, who can do it, what it will mean, and how we can have an impact on policy decisions. No small task!

    E-mail with questions or comments.
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    Created before October 2004

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    International Chapters -

    > Canada
    > Japan
    > Peru
    > Spain

    USA Chapters -

    > Chicago, IL
    > Pittsburgh, PA
    > San Francisco Bay Area
    > Seattle, WA
    Why did you join CPSR?

    It's obvious isn't it ? Now more than ever CPSR is needed in a world full of complex questions and agendas.