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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Global Resources Links

Links from 1999 to CPSR Sister Organizations Abroad

Web Sites

  • AAAS Database of Human Rights Resources
    Features include: Spanish Language Sites
  • The Microcredit Concept, by Carl Page, CPSR
    "Once reasonable amounts of credit at reasonable interest
    rates are available to the all of the worlds poorest people,
    the world will never be as cruel a place again."
  • Culture, Class, and Cyberspace
    Links dealing with the intersection of ethnicity, culture, class, poverty, computers, and cyberspace
  • The Global Internet Liberty Campaign
    The member organizations of GILC have joined together to protect and promote
    fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and the right of privacy on the net.
  • Information Technology Law Page
    The Smith Lyons site (Barristers and Solicitors - Toronto)
    wtih resources page on information technology issues (Canadian and international).
  • The Internet Society
    a non-governmental international organization for
    global cooperation and coordination for the Internet.
  • Net Across the World
    includes reports by Madanmohan Rao (,
    Communications Consultant,
    United Nations Inter Press Service bureau
  • CPSR-GLOBAL Library
  • Asia Pacific Internet Association
  • Index on Censorship
    a country guide to censorship and freedom of expression

    Parliamentary Human Rights Foundation

    A worldwide, voluntary, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization

    committed to the promotion of human rights.
  • Global Democracy Network
    To help countries better utilize modern communications technologies --
    especially computer networks -- as tools to assist democratic institutions
    and to provide the Internet community with a source of information
    related to human rights and democracy.
  • International Network of Women in Technology
  • FACTNet International
    Dedicated to the promotion and defense of international free
    thought, free speech, and privacy rights
  • Starting Points for Information Search & Retrieval
  • CPSR's Cyber-Rights Working Group
  • Teledemocracy Action News
  • MSUnion
    MS Union Multimedia and Systems Professionals Union
  • Dalhousie Arabic Society
    A comprehensive collection of links to daily, weekly and
    monthly arabic news. Also provides links to all arab
    countries home pages.


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  • Africa as a continent
    • Rwanda News
      Displays updated reports on Rwanda. Includes:
      The Rwandan History, the April 1994 tragedy
      the Refugee crisis, the Return to normalcy
      the NGO news, your Articles and the Rwanda brieves.

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