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Our life is surrounded with Information Technology.  Both at work and at
school, we work with computers.  We even communicate more and more often
using computers, and by using the Internet the whole world is within our
reach.  We can work, bank, shop and learn without having to leave our
homes.  What do these developments mean for our daily lives, social
interaction and the relationship between citizens and government? How
well protected are our own personal data? The boundaries between
information technology and daily life form the working area and focus of
the Social Aspects in Automation(SAIA) Division of the NGI(Dutch
Computer Society).

During the past few years there has been a strong focus on both the
societal and the socio-organizational aspects of automation.  The SAIA
Division analyses developments in the area of Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) from the societal and organizational
points of view, and looks at the integration of these aspects in the
development and implications of information systems through:
-assessment of the social aspects of information technology.
-looking at alternatives in the case of negative developments
-stimulating discussions on the implications of information technology
both inside and outside the NGI.

One of the active working groups of the SAIA SIG is the Human-Computer
Interaction (MCI) group.  This workgroup is part of  both the NGI/SAIA
Division and the Dutch Ergonomics Society.  The MCI group attempts to
increase and spread knowledge about the interaction between humans and
technical help-media.

Another initiave of SAIA is the NGI Workgroup for Information Technology
and People with Disabilities (WIG).  The aim of this workgroup is to
better utilize and develop ICT applications for people with

The SAIA members are professionals with expertise and interest in the
social and social-organizational aspects of ICT.  SAIA has almost 400
members.  The members are professionals working in the IT industry, in
consultancies for organizational advice, in a variety of government
agencies, in higher education, and also in universities and other
academic institutions.

The SAIA Division can offer you:
A platform for knowledge and information exchange.
A network of people with similar interests
Activities like lectures, workshops etc.
Professional area-specific publications (eg the MCI newsletter)
The SAIA- and MCI- WebSites, with information about these groups and
their activities, and the possibility to communicate with other members.
The SAIA mailing-list 

International cooperation
The SAIA SIG cooperates with various professional organizations all over
the world.  SAIA actively participates in the technical commitees TC-9
(computers and society) and TC-13(human computer interaction) of the
International Federation for Information (IFIP). These technical
committees organize scientific conferences and have various professional
publications.  All NGI-Members can participate in these conferences at
reduced rates. 

Membership of SAIA is open to all members of the Dutch Computer Society
(NGI). Annual membership of the NGI costs fl.125, student rates are fl.
45,- per year.  Members of NGI can join SAIA for fl. 10, per year.
Updated Feb. 1999

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