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"One Planet, One 'Net: "
CPSR 1998 Campaign on Internet Governance

onenet logo CPSR, while continuing work on its traditional and evolving program areas, is focusing its energy this year on the One Planet, One 'Net Initiative. At this stage of the Internet's development we feel that defining the public interest in Internet governance and giving it a strong voice in the forums deciding governance issues is absolutely critical.

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oCPSR OneNet-related Events

o The (U.S. Gov't) White Paper on Internet DNS Policy

6-05-98, NTIA White Paper on the Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses "As set out below, the U.S. Government is prepared to recognize, by entering into agreement with, and to seek international support for, a new, not-for-profit corporation formed by private sector Internet stakeholders to administer policy for the Internet name and address system. Under such agreement(s) or understanding(s), the new corporation would undertake various responsibilities for the administration of the domain name system now performed by or on behalf of the U.S. Government or by third parties under arrangements or agreements with the U.S. Government. ..."

  • CPSR's response.

  • The International Forum on the White Paper (IFWP) is "an international initiative sponsored by a diverse group of associations representing numerous Internet stakeholder interests from around the world. The IFWP is sponsoring coordinated international meetings to discuss the issues of Internet technical administration of names and numbers left open in the 'White Paper' and the transition to a new corporation for Internettechnical administration."

    Open International Regional Meetings to discuss the White Paper

  • For Working Group Reports from IFWP/Reston and Geneva, as well as summaries of participants, press clips, and much other useful material on the IFWP process, see The Domain Handbook IFWP pages.

o CPSR Press Releases related to Internet Governance issues

o CPSR Tools for Public Education on Internet Governance

oOne Planet, One Net: Draft Principles for the Internet Era

These seven principlesoriginally authored by Nathaniel Borenstein, Harry Hochheiser, and Andy Oram, are the cornerstone of our program work on Internet Governance. We felt we needed to define broad guidelines to use as a measure against any specific Internet governance issues that arise. They have been submitted to a process of democratic revision, first at the October 1997 CPSR Annual Meeting at Berkeley, then via the listserv created to discuss them, and now through an Internet-Draft to the Internet community of users. In this way we are able to take advantage of the democratic process for Internet standards used by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). We hope we still recognize them in their future incarnations, but we are as committed to the process of building consensus than to any of the specific iterations of these principles.

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