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Information on PGP

What is PGP?

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It's a program for public key encryption.

From the PGP User's Guide, (c) Philip Zimmermann:

PGP uses public-key encryption to protect E-mail and data files. Communicate securely with people you've never met, with no secure channels needed for prior exchange of keys. PGP is well featured and fast, with sophisticated key management, digital signatures, data compression, and good ergonomic design.

See the PGP home page.

Where can one find PGP?

Mike Johnson maintains a file that will be the first place to look.

Instructions on how to get RIPEM - Riordan's Privacy Enhanced Mail

The Cypherpunks Remailers are being developed to provide a secure means of providing anonymity on the nets.

Other Interesting Sites:

Cypherpunks maintain the preeminent site on crypto issues.
Jan.10, 1998

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