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Community-net mailing lists

Community Network Mailing Lists

If you are even remotely interested in Civic, Local or Rural Computing issues, organizations, activities, networks, libraries, schools, etc., then you need to be subscribed to at least one of the lists below.

This list is up to date as of SEPTEMBER 20, 1993.

CALREN      | |CA Research and Education Net
CET-MG      | |Communities in Economic Transition
CET-NEWS    | |Communities in Economic Transition News
COMMUNET    | |Community and Civic Networks
COMMUNITY-A | |Community Access Issues
              (Note: The complete and full list name is COMMUNITY-ACCESS)
COSNDISC    | |Consortium for School Networking
CPSR        | |Computer Pros for Social Responsibility
FREENET-ADM | |Free-Net Administrators and Committees
              (Note: The full and correct list name is FREENET-ADMIN)
FREENET-TEC | |Technical Freenet Operation
              (Note: The full and correct list name is FREENET-TECH)
H-RURAL     | |Rural & Agricultural History
LANET       | unpublished |Community Networking in Los Angeles County
LM_NET      | |School Library Media & Network Comm
PACS-L      | |Library & Public Access Computer Systems
PUBLIB-NET  | |Public Libraries and the Internet
PUBNET      | |Use & Administration of PACS
RURALAM     | |Rural America Cluster Evaluation
RURALDEV    | |Community/Rural Economic Development
SVP         | |Smart Valley Project(JV:SV)
              (Subject: listserv subscribe svp your_name_goes_here)
THESEGROUPS | unpublished |Local Communications, Legal, Social Activism Groups

To subscribe, send a one line message that says:


to the appropriate listserv address.

Please let me know if you have any others that you would suggest. Peace.

Art "Rambo" McGee

NETCOM: [] ( in pub/amcgee for my "stuff")
CORE/EIS: [] (Experimental system for education/tech)
PeaceNet: [] (Best place for int'l development information)
WELL: [] (MAY be hosting African oriented conference)
AfriInfo: [] (Email/Finger for Black/African Info)
BDPA BAC: [1-707-552-3314] to [Arthur McGee] (Co-Sysop. Lists are also here)
DataBits: [1-213-295-6094] to [Arthur McGee] (BDPA L.A. Chapter Member/Mascot)
CIS: [72377,1351] (Meet me in TELECOM, EFFSIG, IBMBBS, and ISSUES)
AOL: [When will Black Enterprise, Emerge, Vibe, D&D, etc., be online?]
Voice: [1-310-320-BYTE] (Cute, huh? :-D Only $10 for a one time fee)



"The revolution will not be televised, but the proceedings will be available online." ;->


(c)1993 Arthur R. McGee & Associates(AKA Africans Around the World). ;-)

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Why did you join CPSR?

CPSR seems to be the more important association for me - certainly it concentrates more on the issues that matter to me than the mainstream professional bodies