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CPSR Community Networks Working Group
Community Networks
A CPSR Working Group
This CPSR Working Group concentrates on community networks, community technology centers, and other public communication and information services. We believe that public communication and information systems are critical to the maintenence of democratic societies now and are likely to be increasingly so in the future. We also believe that other community core values such as cultural identity, economic development, health, and education can be well-served through well-designed public systems. At the same time we believe that world citizens acting through public interest groups can help these achieve their inherent potential.

We will work, by ourselves and in collaboration with others, to assist in the development of community networks and other types of public media models through the following activities:

  • Encourage public participation in design and development;
  • Educate elected officials, NGO's, and citizens on the potential of these systems;
  • Develop, organize, and disseminate relevant information, such as model policies, policy recommendations, organizing documents, etc.;
  • Monitor and influence the public policy process where it will impact the effectiveness of these systems;
  • Establish evaluation criteria and methodology;
  • Define requirements and develop public applications, services, and systems.
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Updated: September 8, 2003.
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