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Education Site Links

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Key: (These links are coded)
T means of interest to Teachers and parents,
A means of interest to Activists, and
C means of interest Computer software developers.
TAc Techbridge: Encouraging Girls in Technology
TAc International Association for Evaluation of Educational Achievement (Netherlands)
TAc United States Tech Corps
TaC Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
TaC The Virtual English Language Center
TAc California Department of Education
TaC A Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education
TaC Schank's Engines for Education hyper-book
TAc Karl Bunday's Book Reports on Education and a comprehensive bibliography on education reform.
TaC Intelligent Tutoring and Expert Systems Research Group (England)
tAC CPSR's Links to generally educational sites
TA- National Education Association teachers' union and NEA technology message board
Tac Internet-assisted distance Continuing Education for Teachers
TA- The Center for Excellence in Education
TA- Learning Page of the National Digital Library Program at the Library of Congress
TaC Project LISTEN: computer speech recognition for reading education
TaC Speech Recognition for English as a Second Language
taC Speech technology links
T-C Tony Robinson's Speech Analysis tutorial (England)
-aC Speech Input Guides from OGI and MIT
t-C Malcolm Slaney's auditory and acoustical research publications
taC Net-Happenings K-12 listserv
tAc Consortium for School Networking
taC UIUC Design Guide for School Networks
taC National Center for Technology Planning
Tac Sloan programs to strengthen science and engineering education
TA- Economic Democracy Information Network
TA- Education Reform
Tac CM Magazine weekly book, video, audiotape, and CD-ROM reviews and education news
T-C Small Planet Communications Links for Teachers with lessons for U.S. History and the SL9 comet
Ta- Global SchoolNet Foundation
Ta- Curricular Resources and Education Networking Projects
Ta- Interactive inquiry K-8 projects from six U.S. science museums
T-c Alan Selby's on-line Math and Logic courses
Ta- The U.S. Library of Congress also has a searchable index
T-c NASA Online Interactive Projects
Ta- The Chronicle of Higher Education
tac Advanced Cognitive Tools for Learning from the Learning R&D Center
tA- Loka research and advocacy institute
t-C Edutainment Catalogs
Ta- The Science As Culture forum (England)
tac Texas Center for Educational Technology
tA- Educate America members
Ta- Too Cool School House sites of the week
T-c ThinkQuest education contest
T-c Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for K-12 math and science teachers
tA- Canadian Adult Literacy database
T-c Britannica Online encyclopedia
tac The San Diego Zoo
Ta- Discovery Channel School online service area
t-C National Library of Medicine's Educational Technology branch
Ta- Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
-aC AI-ED Society
T-- The School Page teachers' resource
T-- Education World  *new*
T-- K-12 standards and benchmarks from the Mid-continent Regional Educational Lab
T-- USGS map skills teaching assistance
T-- World of Words vocabulary enrichment and SAT preparation program
-A- UMich Volunteer Computer Corps
ta- M. Kantrowitz's Financial Aid Information Page
ta- Columbia Journalism Review
t-c GrafEq educational math software
ta- Sci.Opinions humanist science and the Palo Alto Humanist Community
-A- The Brechner Center for freedom of information
T-- Archaeology Magazine
T-- Science On-line magazine
-ac EFF Center for Information, Technology, and Society
t-c Bullfrog Films instructional video
ta- Lyco's references
t-c The TRELLIS Instructional Hypermedia project
T-- Oragami Teacher's Corner
TAC Excite, Yahoo!, or Galaxy Web subject guides

TAC Lycos, Point reviews, MetaCrawler, and Alta Vista full-text search engines
Lycos Web index or Point Web reviews:
MetaCrawler search for All Words in any order or As a Phrase:

Note: Phrase search may take up to three minutes.
Web index or Usenet index:
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