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CPSR Computers and Environment Work Group
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CPSR Computers and Environment Work Group

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Mission Statement

The mission of the CPSR Working Group on Computing and the Environment is to promote awareness and action concerning the relationship between computing and our natural environment. This interest includes the impact on the environment of the use, manufacture, and disposal of computers and the application of computing technology in support of environmental research, education, policy, and social action. The Group will seek to raise awareness about computing and the environment by fostering discussion and sharing information on these topics among academia, industry, government, and the public through electronic forums, conferences, and other appropriate means. The Group will help to support public action by providing information and technical support to interested individuals and organizations. The Group will also work closely with other organizations having similar missions.

Get Involved

Join the Working Group

Membership in the Working Group on Computing and the Environment is open to all CPSR members. If you would like to join our group, please first join CPSR, the oldest activist organization on social impacts of technology. Membership forms are available for online signup, call 650-322-3778 to pay by credit card, enquire by email to

Communicate and Connect

Join the Computers and Environment listserve to communicate and connect with other members. Posting privileges and archives on these members' lists will be available for members/subscribers only.

Partner with the Working Group

The Working Group is seeking partners to collaborate in efforts that further our mission. Contact the group Chair about partnering.

Have a Local Speaker at Your Event

The Computers and Environment Work Group members can provide a valuable resource for educators, conferences, and other events. Please contact the group Chair about your interest in having a speaker.

Team Up for Action in 2004

The Working Group is planning a range of activities in 2004 and we want you to be involved. You can joing the Working Group as we seek to:

  • Develop and promote a resource center on computers and the environment.
  • Partner. Forging relationships with organizations with similar interests and missions for collaborative action.
  • Build awareness and take action. We are seeking new opportunities for the CPSR to be a voice on Computers and Environment, including campaigns, petitions, speaking, and writing opportunities.

Learn More

Read more on the Group's strategy and focus and how they related to the Working Group's interests, or explore specialized issues of in our Computers and the Environment Resource database.

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