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General Resources for Women

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General Resources for Women

These sites are of general interest to those interested in the topic of women and computing.

The Ada Project (TAP) - named in honor of Ada Lovelace - is a clearinghouse for information and resources related to women in computing.

Agency Latinoamericano de Informacion  Site for women and computing, based in Ecuador.

Association for Women in Computing  is a non-profit professional organization for women and men who have an interest in information technology. The Association is dedicated to the advancement of women in the technology fields.

Communication Institute for Online Scholarship  The Communication Institute for Online Scholarship is a U.S. Federal Tax Code 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization supporting the use of computer technologies in the service of communication scholarship and education.

Past notable women in computing

                   Women in Computer Science   Ellen Spertus’ site with links to many other resources.

Grace Hopper Conference/Celebration

For some good quotes from Grace Hopper.

More wit and wisdom of Admiral Grace Hopper at the History of Math Site.

Women in Computing: Logged On or Left Out? - Sacramento Bee Special Report

Women and Computing. by Karen A. Frenkel

The International Network of Women in Technology

The Utne Reader

Women in Technology Directory

Jessie Stickgold-Sarah's resources page

Resources for women undergraduates in computer science

Gender Issues Bibliography by Leslie Regan Shade

Centre for Women's Studies in Education

The description for the site says:  “Our vision for this webspace is to provide an online destination where prospective and seasoned mentors can research numerous opportunities to contribute. By providing relevant and valuable resource listings, our main objective is to inspire adult women to utilize Information and Communications Technology (ICT) by becoming involved in community activism and by helping bridge the digital divide. is a great place to find out how and where to help educate and empower our girls and communities who need positive role models in our evolving cyberculture. This website and our newsletter is praised by K-12 classrooms, youth groups, computer technology centers, community leaders, and families.”

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